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eBay Picks – YSL

I have many obsessions as you are probably starting to notice if you’ve read through a few of my posts. Adding to my collection of obsessions is eBay. I thought it may be fun to tell you about some great things on eBay right now that I wish I could bid on. Unfortunately my rent is so high I have almost no discretionary income so maybe you all can bid on these things in my absence.

Just a small disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of these sellers, I’m not endorsing them and I’m not guaranteeing anything they are selling is 100% authentic. I am simply surfing eBay and telling you about things I think are cool.

You all know about one of my other obsessions, vintage sunglasses, I am loving these huge¬†YSL’s! Ending in one day so get in there fast! They are actually at a decent price right now even though it is an internatinal listing in GBP.

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Tarina Tarantino – God Bless America!

Who doesn’t love Tarina Tarantino! Fun, colorful, chunky, and loud, an instant conversation starter that’s for sure! Every time I wear my Kid Robot “I love a mustache” necklace I always get comments… and most likely from cute boys ūüėČ Anyways the purpose of this post is to tell you about my love for her recent line “Liberty Loves Company” came across if about a month ago, just in time for election season. This jewelry is sure to make a statement, while showing your American pride. The collection of course boasts the colors red, white, and blue, and features¬†our faithful president Lincoln, Lady Liberty, and of course everyone’s favorite Uncle …Sam…¬†With the¬†November 4th election quickly approaching I thought this would be perfect for your next purchase!

Happy Voting!

Go America!

Long Uncle Sam Medallion Necklace $220

Uncle Sam Drop Earrings $80

Three Row Liberty Cuff Bracelet $165

Now these are only three of my favs… but I really adore the entire collection…


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