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10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if you know where I can find the Rasta Gradient, the rasta colored, glasses becuase I have been looking EVERYWHERE and cannot find them!! If you know of anywhere that would be great! thank you

  2. jean says:

    Where can I find the red KLS overnight bag that Kimora showed on the Tyra show ? I can’t find it online at Babyphat.What’s the acutal name of the bag ? Babyphat ? KLS ? overnight bag ?
    I”ve had no luck contacting KLS or Tyra. Why promote a product you can’t deliver ??

  3. jean says:

    Is the “Mirror Me ” bag the same as the KLS red overnight bag that Kimora had on Tyra ? They look different.

  4. chris says:

    I am trying trying to find those fabulous Chloe
    taupe leather platforms. I saw them in dark
    navy paired with a chloe A line ruffle trim
    denim dress on the Nordstrom website.
    Any help?

  5. danielle says:

    I was wondering where i can find the Gray uggs with the design. Please let me know i would love to order them for my birthday which is in a week=]

  6. John says:

    where can i find a Rogue Status – Arlington t shirt i cant find any online

  7. cindy miller says:

    where is the best place to find knock off on tory bursh shoes?

  8. alma.B says:

    i purchase this gold foil bag in the mall in san antonio texas over 6 yrs ago and now its old ,fallin apart it comes in silver too,i would love to purchace it again , i called baby phat today and they are sold out and asked me to phone back after may1 2012 ,can you tell me today where i can find this bag in gold,or silver i would buy it today,desperate to have,i love it.reaCH ME AT PERFUME5000@YAHOO OR 2105050351,ALMA

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