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Best Valentines Day Gift Ever! – Gabriel Urist

Fuck flowers… or fuck roses (I’ll take orchids)… but no seriously all I wanted for Valentines day was something from one of my favorite jewelry designers… Gabriel Urist! I’ve been a huge fan for like three years now, and of course when I saw these about a year ago I knew they were made for me… so this V-day I texted/e-mailed my boyfriend for three days straight so that he couldn’t mess this up, and in fact… he delivered! I’m the happiest little gurlie in the world because I’ll be rocking my Wu-tang earrings during fashion week this season… leaving the CC’s at home ūüėČ

Check out all of his amazing work at his website: Gabriel Urist


MOB New Era

If I looked good in a New Era… I would rock one of these… Hmmm… maybe I’ll give it a try since it’s MOB, and all bright and shiny and shit!


Photo from MOB Living
Hat = $50 – Shop at MTTM NYC

MOB Spring 09′

A little late but here you go the MOB Spring shit is of course bangin! My favs are below….. I DIE! I swear to god the t-shirts are always right on par with exactly what I’m looking for! Pics from the MOB Blog which I loveeee! Kid Sister is looking hot!!! SHOP NOW BITCHES!



Get Get Get Ready!!! The MOB Nike Dunk release info was announced on the MOB blog. Official release date is: SATURDAY NOV. 8TH!!!

Like it says get ready to camp out bitches because you’d be nuts not to want a pair of these babies! Absolute perfection! The Chanel tweed look, black patent leather and gold hardware mmmmm! I gotta figure out which NYC location me and my girls are gonna hit.

Check all locations below and comment if your going! C-ya there bitches!!! 

21 Mercer – Nike Sportswear New York City

ALIFE NYC – 158 Rivington Street New York City

UNDFTD Santa Monica ¬†–¬†2654 Main St SM¬†California

Bodega –¬†6 Clearway Street¬†Boston

Kendo –¬†7218 Melrose Avenue¬†LA California

Montalban –¬†1615 Vine Street¬†LA California

UNDFTD Las Vegas –¬†4480 Paradise Road, #400¬†Vegas Baby

NTNY – Nike Town NY @ 57th New York City!

Dunk Pricing still unknown at this time but let’s assume around the price as the Reebok right?



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Married To The MOB – Gods Gift to Holiday 08′

MTTM continues its reign as my favoritest womens streetwear co. When I discovered the Holiday Collection release online I nearly died… while texting all my bitches of course to tell them to check out the new shiz…. So basically rounding out my x-mas list this year, or attempting to charge things to my credit card and hide¬†them from mommy…. dammit why is my credit card bill sent to my home address!??? urrggg either way i’m getting my hands on that Varsity¬†hoody and so much more….¬†Yummmm!¬†This shit just keeps getting better! Keep it coming!!!

The MOB Varsity Hoody W/ Chanel Heels.. I couldn’t have styled it any better myself… Doesn’t Miss Tabatha look hott!!!



My Christmas list:
Varsity Bitch Hoody (Can’t decide color!) $155
Sweat The Mob Sweat Pants (Purple-Urple) $100
Classic Leggings (Black & Pink!) $75
All Bitches Hoody (Pink) $135
Varsity Bitch Tee (Eggplant) $40
Million Dollar Bitch (Black) $40
Classic Sweater (White&Black) $135

Shit…. I’ll take it all!!!

P.S. Look out for them MOB dunks coming soon! ūüėČ

And where can I get my hands on that pink new era???? anyone???

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Spike It To Me!

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte… yeh I know old news right! We’ve all seen these in every editorial this side of the universe but I’ve been busy so I’m blogging about my obsession now! I wish¬†I had $3,000 to spend on these amazing heels… but I don’t. I can think of 3 people off the top of my head that I would like to kick with these babies on… wait 4…no 5… shit the list goes on! Someone send me a pair! Ahhhh! I would love you forever!!! ūüôā Enjoy…

Oh what I would do to walk the streets of New York in these heeeeeels!

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The Bureau – T-Shirt of The Day

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a “T-Shirt of The Day” post but after¬†laying my eyes on these hott tees, I thought it was necessary to share them all with you!


Origin: California


Shop: Online at Karmaloop or THE BUREAU OFFICIAL SITE

Links: Rock The Bureau Myspace ; The Bureau official blog.

So we all know, or should know, t-shirts are an essential part of my wardrobe, and especially t-shirts that are eye-catching, mouth watering, jaw dropping, or vulgar, and most likely use the words, fuck, bitch, money, ho… I could go on but you get the picture. Something that makes a statement, and these will fit in just perfect!

Everybody Nose, Cocaine Kills!

I Love My Bitches

I Love My Bitches

¬†For the¬†fellas…

Watch Your Back


Fuck Bitches Get Money

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