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Best Curl Ever!!!! “The Sultra – Bombshell”

I feel like one of the most searched things on youtube is probably “how to curl my hair like Kim Kardashian” or any Kardashian sister for that matter. And no offense but all of the tutorials don’t ‘REALLY’ give you that kardashian curl, I am waiting for the day the real Kardashian sisters make a hair tutorial for us all (PLEASE GIRLS!) until then… I will get you pretty damn close! Introducing the “Bombshell Rod Curling Iron”! from Sultra!

Yah ok so it’s not new or anything but it’s so amazing that I am finally getting around to posting about it! I got mine at Sephora… for $130; yes this seems like quite a price tag to some, but trust me it’s worth it! I have sold it to 5 people at my work already even those that swear their hair doesn’t hold curls. Before this when I used a curling iron I would get maybe an hour if I was lucky but with the Sultra I get day to night, and if I sleep properly, TWO days!

My advice:Buy this curling rod NOW!

Step 2: Watch the tutorial videos on the Sephora website and youtube (I watched them more then 5 times)

Step 3: Practice at least once before making your debut! & try a few different ways!

Like with anything practice makes perfect, and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people give something a bad review because they don’t know how to use something. Put on the pink glove (ALWAYS wear the glove, you are NOT cooler then the pink glove sorry), wrap your hair around the barrel, slowly release the curl and HOLD IT FOR A FEW SECONDS in the glove to let the hair cool before you let it go. DONE! not that hard….but yes maybe practice once or twice.

I feel confident enough in this thing to promise you if your hair ‘never’ hold curls it will with this thing! I get SO MANY compliments (my hair is naturally beautiful but this helps too *wink ).

Last word of peace to my praise… This is the closest you will get to the Kardashian curl without being a Kardashian yourself! Good luck folks!!! & Happy curling!

On a side note… I am thinking about trying the ‘top styler’ curling shells? Anyone try them? Leave me comments!

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Kat Von D — Master Her Makeup

Since starting this blog one of my most viewed blog posts is about how much I love Kat Von D. Everyone wants to know where she buys her clothes, who makes her shoes, where she got her shades… and of course what kind of makeup she wears! Well HER OWN of course! I may not be able to answer all of the above questions but I can tell you that her new makeup line for Sephora is as hot as she is…

Ever wanted to look as glam as Kat Von D? Well here’s your chance…

Sephora has teamed up with Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, to produce this edgy color collection that “exemplifies old-Hollywood glamour with an L.A. vibe. From pin-up perfection to rocker chic, this limited-edition lineup allows you to tap into your bad-girl side and unleash your inner artist.”

Complete the perfect pin-up smoky eye with the ‘Rock n’ Roll Eyeshadow Duo’ for $20, the Autograph Eyeliner in ‘Puro Amor’ or ‘Black Metal Love’ for $16 and that bright red perfect pucker in ‘Hellbent’ for $18… hell top it off with a gloss while your at it ( maybe ‘Rocker’ $18 ) 😉 $48 will get you the tool application kit perfect for all makeup application! Don’t forget to check out the Eyeshadow palette’s (I’m feeling ‘Beethoven’) $34 for eight shades!!!

Buy it here at Sephora… Before it’s gone… Did I mention Limited Edition!!!

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Not So Good – VMA 07 DONTS

No Shana No… I’m not a Shana hater but what is that?? Travis can wear whatever the fuck he wants and I will love him… and PS I love this couple and there love/hate relationship!!

I so love Kat Von D but we’ve seen this outfit before… it looks like she just woke up and was like shittt i forgot I gotta go to the VMAs grabbed something outta her closet and ran…this was an opportunity for her to impress us right!? I doubt she cares about impressing anyone… but it seems lately the world is in love with her and she should have taken that as a good chance to show off he shitttt….

Cee-lo…what is this the guy from the matrix… an unattractive man… in an unattractive outfit… two no goods!

Ewwww stop it… I’ll pretend I didn’t see this.. I’m not the biggest Nelly Furtado fan and this made it worse…. wide leg pant suit = no no no… and her hair is nottt doing it for me… she looks like she got in a fight with some sun-in!

Lookin Good.. More LOVES From VMAs

Here are some more celebs to make my best dressed list…

Megan Fox looks hott… it may be a tight dress but this bitch pulls it off… she looks absolutely gorgeous… even if she cant walk… hehe

I am a Paris fan and whether you love her of hate her… I still think she looks good… Her hair is a little…hmmm i dunno I guess not that attractive but she pulls this dress off nicely…

Ashlee Simpson… I’m not that big of a fan but this is a cute dress and she does look great in it… On the other hand… her eye make-up is a no go…she looks like she just smoked a huggee blunt and shes madddd highh haha

Audrina…. good… Whitney… looks out-a-control amazing… Lauren… mmm fine…. the dress is from her own line I guess that will be coming out soon, she has been looking good lately so she should show it off her figure more! The dark red lip stick is drowning out the rest of her face….no no no

I’m feeling this dress on Alicia Keys… I think she looks very nice and I kinda like the leather…the make-up I’m not sure about yet… still thinking….you?

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Splurge For A Good Bronzer — Beauty Review

My opinion is that every girl should own bronzer and every girl should wear bronzer. Whether or not you need a lot of it, or a little, just using it for a simple cheek highlight, or an all over tanned look, bronzer makes a difference. If I get up in the morning and feel like total garbage, don’t feel like getting ready, don’t feel like dressing up or putting on make up, I might put on some sweats and some bronzer…then I’m decent enough to venture out into the public. It basically makes you not look dead! and thats always good right!??

I do believe that there is a difference between good and bad bronzer, and I don’t see a problem with spending a little more for a good one. Yes, there are some decent drugstore bronzers out there but why waste your time trying them all when you can buy a quality product right off the bat. Bad quality products can leave you with the caked on, un-blended, umpaloompa look, and that is one of my biggest pet peeves. Of course there is also a method to applying bronzer correctly so it doesn’t look like brown paint on your face ending at your neck.

My favorite bronzer:

Estee Lauder, Bronze Goddess – Soft Matte Bronzer $29.50

The compact is huge so it will last you a long time. The brush they provide you with is great for bronzing application, it allows for a even coat that can easily blend down the neck or into the cleavage 😉 You definitely get what you pay for with this product. I also have sensitive skin and some times get irritation and redness with bad product, no problems here!

My Beauty Review: A+

Estee Lauder

Other suggestion:

MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder $20.00, I like the ‘Refined Golden’ but, there are 5 great tones you can choose from.


What Are Your Beauty Secrets?

Something us girls can never get enough of is beauty secrets. Always looking for next thing that will make our eyelashes look longer or our lips look bigger. I’m always open to the next girls suggestion on what works because there are so many products out there that it would be absolutely impossible for us to try them all ourselves. Here are some of my favorites when covering the basics: eye, lash, and lip.

EYES – I think every girl should have a good liquid eyeliner. I usually start with a pencil outline and then liquid over top to make it pop. I admit liquid can be a bit intimidating but it makes so much of a difference and really makes the eyes pop! I myself am a wing fan so liquid eyeliner is exactly what you need to make the perfect lash wing. Some people prefer the paint brush style but this Chanel liquid liner is my fav! Very easy to use, just like any other eyeliner pen, comes on beautifully and bold! Be careful not the twist the end to much because you don’t want globs of liner to emerge, one twist is enough to create the perfect eye line. It does not fade away and is very easy to remove, what more could you want!

Chanel Eyeliner

ÉCRITURE DE CHANEL AUTOMATIC LIQUID EYELINER–Water-based eyeliner with a soft and supple felt tip point that delivers a precise line every time. Extreme comfort matches ease of application. $32

Dior Liner

DIOR EYELINER PENCIL– As seen on the cover of Lucky magazine (June 2007 issue). A must-have, all-in-one beauty tool. These rich pencils are dual-ended with a soft pencil at one end, and a foam tip at the other for blending. (i love blending 🙂 ) Inside the cap is a sharpener for application precision, allowing you to choose between a more natural look or a smoldering eye. $24

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