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The NYCityGurl Guide to Fabulous Hair

Is spending $40 on a bottle of shampoo really worth it?

One question I constantly hear co-workers pondering is whether or not splurging on expensive hair products is really worth it. I may be one of those…hair enthusiasts, or something…. but personally I think shelling out the extra buck on hair products is a YES!

I myself have been through many hair phases. I started with highlights at a very young age, this lead to 3 large blonde (more like yellow) streaks in the 8th grade, to more highlights, to Jessica Simpson blonde in high school, to half black/ half platinum (white) blonde my sophomore year of college… At that point my hair was so damaged it was breaking off daily. I decided to take the plunge my junior year of college for ‘al-naturale’ back to my roots, my heritage, the good old brunette. And let me tell you folks, I have never looked back! I think I might have cried when I first looked in the mirror after basically being playboy blonde and now here I am in sitting in the salon, no makeup on, just this average brunette… I used to say people weren’t going to notice me anymore… I mean everyone notices a platinum blonde in the room. But I put on a happy face, went home put on some makeup and eased myself into my new (and improved) look. A little over 3 years later and my hair is now long, shiny, luxurious and completely healthy! I literally get compliments on it almost every day, even from random strangers in the elevator. I definitely consider my hair one of my best features. And even though sometimes I fantasize about that Jessica Simpson blonde in my junior year homecoming photos… I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

So here are my secrets to great hair:

1. Mr. Frederic Fekkai – My favorite is the Brilliant Glossing collection. I use this shampoo and conditioner religiously. But don’t forget to mix and match so your not ALWAYS using the same product. I mix it up with the Salon Color Care colleciton including the Salon Technician Color Car Rapid Results Moisture Mask every once and a while. I have also used the Essential Shea Shampoo and the Ageless Rejuvenating Shampoo. All GREAT. As far as styling product the COIFF Controle Ironless Straightening Balm works fantastic and is a fabulous way to get a straight look without damaging your hair with an iron. At $39+ for a bottle of shampoo I realize this sounds ridiculous, but this is your hair people! You might not have it for ever so why not appreciate it while you still can, at the very least on a nice shampoo and conditioner. Tip: Don’t just put all the conditioner in your roots, your poor ends need some love too! Make sure you’re evenly distributing from root to end. Continue reading

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Best Curl Ever!!!! “The Sultra – Bombshell”

I feel like one of the most searched things on youtube is probably “how to curl my hair like Kim Kardashian” or any Kardashian sister for that matter. And no offense but all of the tutorials don’t ‘REALLY’ give you that kardashian curl, I am waiting for the day the real Kardashian sisters make a hair tutorial for us all (PLEASE GIRLS!) until then… I will get you pretty damn close! Introducing the “Bombshell Rod Curling Iron”! from Sultra!

Yah ok so it’s not new or anything but it’s so amazing that I am finally getting around to posting about it! I got mine at Sephora… for $130; yes this seems like quite a price tag to some, but trust me it’s worth it! I have sold it to 5 people at my work already even those that swear their hair doesn’t hold curls. Before this when I used a curling iron I would get maybe an hour if I was lucky but with the Sultra I get day to night, and if I sleep properly, TWO days!

My advice:Buy this curling rod NOW!

Step 2: Watch the tutorial videos on the Sephora website and youtube (I watched them more then 5 times)

Step 3: Practice at least once before making your debut! & try a few different ways!

Like with anything practice makes perfect, and one of my biggest pet peeves is when people give something a bad review because they don’t know how to use something. Put on the pink glove (ALWAYS wear the glove, you are NOT cooler then the pink glove sorry), wrap your hair around the barrel, slowly release the curl and HOLD IT FOR A FEW SECONDS in the glove to let the hair cool before you let it go. DONE! not that hard….but yes maybe practice once or twice.

I feel confident enough in this thing to promise you if your hair ‘never’ hold curls it will with this thing! I get SO MANY compliments (my hair is naturally beautiful but this helps too *wink ).

Last word of peace to my praise… This is the closest you will get to the Kardashian curl without being a Kardashian yourself! Good luck folks!!! & Happy curling!

On a side note… I am thinking about trying the ‘top styler’ curling shells? Anyone try them? Leave me comments!

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Red Carpet Winners – 2007 Emmys

Here are the red carpet winners…or there stylists at least deserve their pay checks.

Katherine Heigl wore this elegant Zac Posen gown beautifully! Hair is perfect, skin perfect, make-up is perfect…red lipstick was spot on! This silhouette is all her her her, you go girl!

Okay so I love this Reem Acra red gown… it’s totally Halston inspired and anything Halston inspired…is a winner! Ali Larter of the show Heros looked great… very naturally beautiful and totally yummy in red!

I’m gonna give Eva Longoria a yes because even if she was the only one that wore a cocktail length dress, all this gold sequins is enough for me to give this glamor girl look an A!

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Not So Good – VMA 07 DONTS

No Shana No… I’m not a Shana hater but what is that?? Travis can wear whatever the fuck he wants and I will love him… and PS I love this couple and there love/hate relationship!!

I so love Kat Von D but we’ve seen this outfit before… it looks like she just woke up and was like shittt i forgot I gotta go to the VMAs grabbed something outta her closet and ran…this was an opportunity for her to impress us right!? I doubt she cares about impressing anyone… but it seems lately the world is in love with her and she should have taken that as a good chance to show off he shitttt….

Cee-lo…what is this the guy from the matrix… an unattractive man… in an unattractive outfit… two no goods!

Ewwww stop it… I’ll pretend I didn’t see this.. I’m not the biggest Nelly Furtado fan and this made it worse…. wide leg pant suit = no no no… and her hair is nottt doing it for me… she looks like she got in a fight with some sun-in!

Lookin Good.. More LOVES From VMAs

Here are some more celebs to make my best dressed list…

Megan Fox looks hott… it may be a tight dress but this bitch pulls it off… she looks absolutely gorgeous… even if she cant walk… hehe

I am a Paris fan and whether you love her of hate her… I still think she looks good… Her hair is a little…hmmm i dunno I guess not that attractive but she pulls this dress off nicely…

Ashlee Simpson… I’m not that big of a fan but this is a cute dress and she does look great in it… On the other hand… her eye make-up is a no go…she looks like she just smoked a huggee blunt and shes madddd highh haha

Audrina…. good… Whitney… looks out-a-control amazing… Lauren… mmm fine…. the dress is from her own line I guess that will be coming out soon, she has been looking good lately so she should show it off her figure more! The dark red lip stick is drowning out the rest of her face….no no no

I’m feeling this dress on Alicia Keys… I think she looks very nice and I kinda like the leather…the make-up I’m not sure about yet… still thinking….you?

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Brit Brit = Disappointing

You can view the video here in case you missed it. And yes my opinion is the same as everyone else’s… I was very disappointed!! COME ON BRIT! We were all rooting for you here! We wanted you to blow the world away and make us love you again…. and you disappointed everyone! Okay… are these people not professionals here! No one could have staged something a little more outrageous! This was supposed to be the ‘come back’! Yes I LOVE the song… I could listen to “Gimme More” every day… and they are already playing it in the clubs in NYC and people love it… but Britney looks like she was drunk… she was stumbling…looked like she didn’t even know the words to the song… like she didn’t even want to lip sync she did a horrible job! Its not that hard to get into it! It looked like she didn’t know what dance move was coming next and she was half assing every move!

It looked like she was almost gonna fall three times. Her body wasn’t horrible…but its not the Brit we all remember from before… Her HAIR oh Gawwh! Could a professional not have done her hair! It looked horrible! This was her opportunity and if she wasn’t ready to do her best then why do it at all..? She has balls…but now comes all the bad press for how everyone thinks she sucked! This album better be BOMB ASS or else shes officially gone… and sorry to say I dont think as many people are rooting for her anymore… I still have hope… *sigh