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Best Valentines Day Gift Ever! – Gabriel Urist

Fuck flowers… or fuck roses (I’ll take orchids)… but no seriously all I wanted for Valentines day was something from one of my favorite jewelry designers… Gabriel Urist! I’ve been a huge fan for like three years now, and of course when I saw these about a year ago I knew they were made for me… so this V-day I texted/e-mailed my boyfriend for three days straight so that he couldn’t mess this up, and in fact… he delivered! I’m the happiest little gurlie in the world because I’ll be rocking my Wu-tang earrings during fashion week this season… leaving the CC’s at home 😉

Check out all of his amazing work at his website: Gabriel Urist


Kat Von D — Master Her Makeup

Since starting this blog one of my most viewed blog posts is about how much I love Kat Von D. Everyone wants to know where she buys her clothes, who makes her shoes, where she got her shades… and of course what kind of makeup she wears! Well HER OWN of course! I may not be able to answer all of the above questions but I can tell you that her new makeup line for Sephora is as hot as she is…

Ever wanted to look as glam as Kat Von D? Well here’s your chance…

Sephora has teamed up with Kat Von D, tattoo artist, reality-TV star, and owner of High Voltage Tattoo, to produce this edgy color collection that “exemplifies old-Hollywood glamour with an L.A. vibe. From pin-up perfection to rocker chic, this limited-edition lineup allows you to tap into your bad-girl side and unleash your inner artist.”

Complete the perfect pin-up smoky eye with the ‘Rock n’ Roll Eyeshadow Duo’ for $20, the Autograph Eyeliner in ‘Puro Amor’ or ‘Black Metal Love’ for $16 and that bright red perfect pucker in ‘Hellbent’ for $18… hell top it off with a gloss while your at it ( maybe ‘Rocker’ $18 ) 😉 $48 will get you the tool application kit perfect for all makeup application! Don’t forget to check out the Eyeshadow palette’s (I’m feeling ‘Beethoven’) $34 for eight shades!!!

Buy it here at Sephora… Before it’s gone… Did I mention Limited Edition!!!

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Are You A Trendsetter?? Introducing!!!

Calling all fashion gurus, musicians, film makers, and nightlife kings and queens! There is a new social networking website in town and guess what, its invite only. Talk about exclusive you cant just be any Joe Blow on the street, you have to be invited to join by an already existing “trend setter”. Only recently launched to the public and currently only in the New York Metro Area. A National expansion is in the works with L.A. next on the list!

This site is great for promoters, fashion designers, musicians, and film makers as I mentioned before because it allows you to develop an online following and get your work out there. Designers will be able to set up shop, musicians and film makers can showcase their work, and promoters can invite as many people as possible to the latest hot party! Recent partnership with the nightclub Home has made every Wednesday night a dedication to showcasing trend setters and bringing online users together to party!

Visit to check it out but unfortunately you wont get very far unless you’re a member. You can apply to be a trend setter at the site, or shoot me an email ( ), give me a sentence on why you deserve to be a part of this site and I may just send you the invite link to my following! is a great asset to those living in New York City, and soon all metro areas around the world, get in on it now and find out about the latest events, and hottest trends!!!

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Rob Dyrdek & His Rogue Status!

Since the “Gun Show” shirt craze seems to still be in full swing and everyone is still taking their style ques from Rob Dyrdek I’ve decided to give you a quick peak at some of the tees he was wearing this season… because you know you were all googling the shit out of it. Once again I praise the company that is Rogue Status… and all of their brilliant graphic art glory….

RS x Diamond Supply Co : $50


Arlington Mens $40


And while your at it… you might as well pick up a pair of these… Gun Show boxers $24


Baby we like it raw…. 😉


Hot New Designer Watch: ASLI FILINTA!

Since I’m all about new designers, and hot undiscovered talent here’s a great new designer for you to check out!

Born in Adana, Turkey she moved to Ankara when she was 18 to study Economics at Bikent University. She then moved to Istanbul to work in 2001. She began designing jewelry, which eventually lead to clothing and prints. Upon moving to New York City to live she developed her techniques further by attending classes at the proclaimed Parsons The New School. Now based out of New York she is designing women’s clothing and accessories.

Asli on her collection….”The oriental look of Istanbul allows each design to carry a proprietary exoticness dreaming up in the cross-cultural trends of the time in New York City. Besides the overflowing creativity and experimentation, there is receptiveness to new ideas. Some intangible elements of the time make it unique.”


“One common belief within the collection is anti-conformity and the major influence for my designs came out of the DIY culture of the arts.”



Oh my the tanks with the fringe are too die for right!? Where can you get your hands on these fabulous designs!?? That’s exactly what I wanted to know… Check it out!

Dernier cri

869 Washington St. Meat Packing District New York, NY 10014

Pixie Market

100 Straton St. New York, NY 10002

Pixie Market LA

7950 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048

Rodeo Wares

379 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Please check out her fabulous website for contact info, because you should probably get this collection in your store asap! You will definitely see me rocking some of this in seasons to come!



P.S. – Our little secret… Heidi Klum and Lindsey Lohan absolutely loveee Asli Filinta hats!

Fabulous Photo credit. Ebru Yildiz.

The Freitag Bag

So recently came across the supposed new big thing (that I had never heard of) called the Freitag Bag. I guess it is more popular in Europe but keep your eyes open because we may be seeing a lot more of them soon. It all started with two bike-riding designers who lived next to a truck route in Zurich. So the idea was to create these messenger bags from truck tarpaulins, bicycle innertubes, car seat belts and used airbags. That sounds pretty cool to me… all these things are totally waterproof and totally unique! Some even still have a little dirt on them, a little something that didn’t come of in the high powered wash they receive.

They have a lot of different styles of bags…for men and women. They also have a lot of unique designs and colors. Shopping online at there website was actually quite difficult. It seems easier to look up local shops that sell them and go there. I found this one at CITE in NYC.

$80 at Cite NYC

The bags are also available at ATRIUM, and TG 170.

Check out the official website to all of the cool styles, more about the company, and where you can shop in your area.FREITAG

T-Shirt Of The Day – HellzBellz

Hellz Bellz which is up there in my top two favorite womens street wear companies was founded in 2005 by Lanie Albanza. “HELLZ BELLZ A CRIME FOR ALL SEASON is a tribute to the non-conforming female youth of today.” “This is more than a brand its her personality!” This is what I like to hear, when your wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans I want my t-shirt to show my personality, along with a loud pair of kicks! It truly is “the answer to the male dominated street contemporary genre.” HELLZ BELLZ Go to the site and check out all the new Fall 07′ looks, the hoodies are maddd sick! Lots of items I want to pick up…as usual.

Hellz Bellz releases something hott every season. These new Fall 07′ looks feature what seems to be the very controversial kaffiyeh pattern.

Shop online at: 5andadime

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