The NYCityGurl Guide to Fabulous Hair

Is spending $40 on a bottle of shampoo really worth it?

One question I constantly hear co-workers pondering is whether or not splurging on expensive hair products is really worth it. I may be one of those…hair enthusiasts, or something…. but personally I think shelling out the extra buck on hair products is a YES!

I myself have been through many hair phases. I started with highlights at a very young age, this lead to 3 large blonde (more like yellow) streaks in the 8th grade, to more highlights, to Jessica Simpson blonde in high school, to half black/ half platinum (white) blonde my sophomore year of college… At that point my hair was so damaged it was breaking off daily. I decided to take the plunge my junior year of college for ‘al-naturale’ back to my roots, my heritage, the good old brunette. And let me tell you folks, I have never looked back! I think I might have cried when I first looked in the mirror after basically being playboy blonde and now here I am in sitting in the salon, no makeup on, just this average brunette… I used to say people weren’t going to notice me anymore… I mean everyone notices a platinum blonde in the room. But I put on a happy face, went home put on some makeup and eased myself into my new (and improved) look. A little over 3 years later and my hair is now long, shiny, luxurious and completely healthy! I literally get compliments on it almost every day, even from random strangers in the elevator. I definitely consider my hair one of my best features. And even though sometimes I fantasize about that Jessica Simpson blonde in my junior year homecoming photos… I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

So here are my secrets to great hair:

1. Mr. Frederic Fekkai – My favorite is the Brilliant Glossing collection. I use this shampoo and conditioner religiously. But don’t forget to mix and match so your not ALWAYS using the same product. I mix it up with the Salon Color Care colleciton including the Salon Technician Color Car Rapid Results Moisture Mask every once and a while. I have also used the Essential Shea Shampoo and the Ageless Rejuvenating Shampoo. All GREAT. As far as styling product the COIFF Controle Ironless Straightening Balm works fantastic and is a fabulous way to get a straight look without damaging your hair with an iron. At $39+ for a bottle of shampoo I realize this sounds ridiculous, but this is your hair people! You might not have it for ever so why not appreciate it while you still can, at the very least on a nice shampoo and conditioner. Tip: Don’t just put all the conditioner in your roots, your poor ends need some love too! Make sure you’re evenly distributing from root to end.

2. Styling on a budget? Fine. So you splurge on a shampoo and conditioner… now get some money back on the styling product? Why not.

If your going to use a hot tool; ie. a straighter, the Sultra bombshell curling iron I use at least once a week, please do yourself a favor and use a heat protectant. My favorite is ‘got2b’ Guardian Angel. Not only does it smell great but it really eliminates the frizz and kicks in the shine. I spray this in (and let it dry) before using any heat on my hair. Next you will need a hairspray, let’s stick with affordable and I give you my secret weapon again from ‘got2b’ the Smooth Operator Soothing Hairspray, just enough hold (I don’t like that crusty feeling) and it smells like heaven! And I mean heaven, like candies, cupcakes, and sugar, I LOVE it! It even has cute little charms that hang off of it, well mine does. Both of these products are on ULTA for a bargain at $5.99!

3. Last but not least something every girl must have in their hair vocabulary, dry shampoo. Yes everybody is always saying how it’s not good to wash your hair every single day. Something about natural oils… this, that, and the other. Some people can’t just NOT wash their hair unless you want to look like a homeless person at work the next day. Enter the dry shampoo to ‘de-grease your do’. I’ve tried a few, but I’ve settled on Batiste! Practically the only kind that his worked for me. My favorite, the ‘Hint of Color’ in Dark & Deep Brown so that my roots don’t look like their graying. It smells good, it blends in with my brunette hair color, and it makes my hair look nice and clean. Spray near the roots, rub it in with your fingers and wah-lah! On sale right now at ULTA for $6.99 this is an AWESOME price considering what some dry shampoo’s cost and how often you go through them.

I end with this; spend a little more on your shampoo and conditioning treatments, your hair is probably dehydrated give it something healthy to drink! And cut a few dollars on your styling product. You can find great heat protectants, hair sprays and dry shampoos at affordable prices.

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