Question – Answer: Wide Calf Boots?

Question:  Do you have any suggestions for boots that fit wider calfs and are actually stylish?

Answer: I too struggle with this issue and I have searched high and low for boots that run a little wider and are actually stylist enough to wear at work in the fashion industry in New York City. Now there are styles available at plus size chains such as Lane Bryant, Torrid, and Avenue at very affordable prices. But you will get what you pay for and that is, noticeably fake leather. I have nothing against them at all and that is fine for shopping on a budget, running around on the weekend, or going out with friends when your bound to have a drink or three spilt on your feet. My answer for something that fits fashion industry standards; Marina Rinaldi. Italian plus size clothing designer that actually makes luxury, fashionable clothing in larger sizes.

From their website:

Still today the target at the core of the brand is to create garments in line with fashion trends, synonymous with quality and preciosity of the fabrics and tailoring details.

Find the black over the knee style, personally my favorite, online at Saks in their Salon Z department for $795. This may seem like a lot but I think for all of this leather on a sturdy boot that will probably last you a few seasons, this is a good deal. Why not splurge on a pair of great boots that will solve a lot of headaches! Please check your local Saks, I did see a few different styles available in store at the Saks on Fifth Avenue. After a little research I also found on the Marina Rinaldi website that they have a store in NYC at 13 East 69th Street. I will definitely go check it out and report back. Until then please check for local locations on the Marina Rinaldi website.

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