Neon Christian Louboutin – Nuff’ Said

I love neon, my favorite color isn’t just ‘pink’ its “HOT FUCKIN HIGHLIGHTER PINK” and it just so happens that NEON is in style! Ohh it’s gets better… not only is hot pink hawt but “new-era stop sign highlighter yellow” is also fucking hot and here it comes… Christian Louboutin has graced our presence with this in your face patent peep-toe!

Me and my best friend drooled at the colorful display of bright heels at Saks on fifth… she tried them on… they were 10 times more bright and beautiful in person… They also have a beautiful pepto pink color, yum!


Listen kids, I’m broke, I bought a Chanel caviar jumbo flap last month…jesus I’m broke, oh and I intern FOR FREE, and I’m looking for a part time job, with no luck in sight… so I CAN’T buy these… but some one… please… buy these for me, tell me all about it… prance around NYC… or LA… dock your yacht in Monaco and go shopping in them… have sex in them… then write me a comment and tell me all about it, I will be so fucking jealous…but someone out there deserves these… maybe it’s you! enjoy…


Buy it at Saks right here for just over my budget at a whopping $865.00


One thought on “Neon Christian Louboutin – Nuff’ Said

  1. Dmitry says:

    hi there!

    I’m Dmitry and I am currently in Moscow (Russia). I have been in love with women shoes for ages (footfetish?)…loved all those Manolos and Marc Jacobs and Louboutins my girfriend wore/wear…and today I just asked myself why not make shoes under my brand name?
    I produce custom bicycle frames here in Russia. But shoes would be something different.

    I saw some nice high-heeled killers at your blog. Thanks for posting. Got some nice ideas. I am not rich yet and no yachts in Monaco.. but i drove to Monaco once…from Moscow (like 3000km to drive thru europe)

    So please keep on posting beautiful things. Hopefully soon I will be able to show you some nice shoes we produced 🙂



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