ATL Strippers Are Awesome!

Okay streaming from my recent overdose on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,”… after watching the episode with the “adult sleepover” and seeing those wild ass crazy strippers hoppin around like animals, I went on a mad youtube search to see if I could find a clip of the ATL stripping madness!!!

After much searching and booty shaking videos I found what I was looking for. Okay so I believe her name is Fiah… Fiah Starta something along those lines…. but this gurlll is nuts! She can work the pole like I’ve never seen! Not that I go to a lot of strip clubs or anything but…  She’s climbing up, down, all around, absolute craziness! And the serious muscle that she must have!!! You have to check this out…. ATL definitely does it better then anyone else….

The link works HERE if it’s not working for ya…

This really makes me wanna start taking those stripping fitness classes!!!

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