The Real Housewives of Atlanta

By far one of the best ideas ever… Real Housewives of Atlanta = Badass bitches with money! Me and the bff watched a marathon today on Bravo and we cannot wait for the season finale on Tuesday!!! Acouple things I want to say…

– Is drinking and driving in Atlanta legal? Because if I’m not mistaken I’m constantly seeing those bitches getting drunk ass off their wine and driven… not to mention Kim completely sitting in her car with a glass of wine? WTF?

-Nene and all of her drama kinda makes the show, so I don’t know what we would do without it, I love her gay lover stylist by the way, he’s fierce.

-Deshawn seems like the nicest lady ever she always has a big ass smile on her face like she’s just bringing good to everyone around her and I would totally want to be her friend.

– Lisa is sexy, I want her husband and her baby, they are the cutest family ever and I’m totally jealous!!!

– Kim you cannot be a singer, I am sorry, I couldn’t even watch the TV when you were singing because I was so embarrassed for you!!! Why did Dallas Austin even agree to be on the show!?? that’s embarrassing! We googled the whole Big Papa thing and read all the predictions of who he is and shit… but seriously what a slut, once again I’m jealous because I wish I could be a slut and get escalades and diamonds and pretend to sing… but we all can’t just sell our selves like that I guess. And what’s up with her hair? is it a wig? I don’t get it….

– Sheree kind of annoys me sometimes because her and Kim’s whole relationship is super fake! Me and my best friends do NOT go out to lunch telling each other how “stupid beautiful” we are, I told my girl just the other day her ass was fat… haha seriously real bitches speak the truth and please you would totally tell your friend that she needs to NOT embarrass herself singing! Her whole fashion thing…. WACK! At least Nene tells the effing truth!

Bottom line I love this show and I cannot wait for the season finale! I’m also kinda looking forward to the new Real Housewives of OC because that shit looks like it’s gonna be good….

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