Married To The MOB – Gods Gift to Holiday 08′

MTTM continues its reign as my favoritest womens streetwear co. When I discovered the Holiday Collection release online I nearly died… while texting all my bitches of course to tell them to check out the new shiz…. So basically rounding out my x-mas list this year, or attempting to charge things to my credit card and hide them from mommy…. dammit why is my credit card bill sent to my home address!??? urrggg either way i’m getting my hands on that Varsity hoody and so much more…. Yummmm! This shit just keeps getting better! Keep it coming!!!

The MOB Varsity Hoody W/ Chanel Heels.. I couldn’t have styled it any better myself… Doesn’t Miss Tabatha look hott!!!



My Christmas list:
Varsity Bitch Hoody (Can’t decide color!) $155
Sweat The Mob Sweat Pants (Purple-Urple) $100
Classic Leggings (Black & Pink!) $75
All Bitches Hoody (Pink) $135
Varsity Bitch Tee (Eggplant) $40
Million Dollar Bitch (Black) $40
Classic Sweater (White&Black) $135

Shit…. I’ll take it all!!!

P.S. Look out for them MOB dunks coming soon! 😉

And where can I get my hands on that pink new era???? anyone???

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