BCBG Max Azria

NY Fashion Week if over and here I start my late reviews on runway shows I attended… things I loved, trends I spotted, and anything else you need to know about the Spring 09′ collections.

The second show to kick of Mercedes Benz Fashion week was BCBG Max Azria in the Tents at 10 a.m. Luckily I scored an extra ticket at my internship and was able to attend. Standing of course,but I will take what I can get. The runway was split making it possible for four front rows. Unfortunately I forgot my zoom lens at home and all of my personal photographs look like models floating through people.

Predicted colors for spring are your bare neutrals, your blues, and your sun brights. BCBG showed pieces coming from all of these color stories. Everything was very draped and very feminine, falling under the classification of Neo-classical romance, lady like, and some pieces almost Grecian. Something I am usually used to seeing from the BCBG is a great cocktail dress…I can see most of these dresses being worn by young Hollywood startlets at more casual red carpet events. I really loved the line because it was practical and feminine something we are used to seeing on the Max Azria runway.

Some of my favorite pieces are as follows…

The white one was the first piece to come down the runway and I love it because of the layers and how they are draped, you could pair any shoe in the world with that dress and be ready to go. I love the next orange piece because its sexy and bright, an all around great looking party dress but still keeps it classy.

The one to the left is one of my favorites because of the layered color breakdowns they did. I am also a huge fan of pockets and this dress is a great length. The final dress to the right is draped gorgeously and gives a modern Grecian feel with just enough leg, perfect for a night out.

Pictures from style.com

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