The Importance of Your Vote

While studying abroad one of my best friends/roommates taught me the importance of “my vote.” I have never been very into politics nor understood it very much. Working for my grandpa I find myself listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity practically on a daily basis and constantly opening mail from the Republican Party asking for donations… needless to say I get a very bias opinion on politics. We are all individuals, Americans or American citizens, and we all have rights, one of them… is to vote!

Don’t vote for someone because you think its cool, because that’s who your best friend is voting for, because that’s who your parents are voting for, because thats who Perez is voting for, because of their race, or because of their sex. Vote for the person you think will benefit our country and further the future of you, your family, and your community in the most positive way. Actually read something, think about what is important to you, what will be important to your kids, or even your kids kids. Figure out where you stand on the issues our country faces and who is agreeing with you on those issues. Everyone’s vote counts, and every little vote can make a difference. If all you do is complain about the government, which everyone seems to do, how about actually using your privilege and right to vote and trying to make a change. Don’t say “oh I’ll vote next year…” VOTE NOW!

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, and I’m not going to tell you who I am voting for, but I will tell you, that sitting on your ass and not participating is fucked up. I don’t care if your a democrat or a republican register now! Today, I’m serious, right now… it will only cost you a postage stamp and five minutes of your time… fill out the paper work…. mail it… and VOTE! Visit and register!

Read about both of our candidates and when November comes around do your job as an American.

John Mccain & Barack Obama

If you are in college and will not be in your state in November then DO NOT FORGET TO APPLY FOR AN ABSENTEE BALLOT! Click here to learn how to apply for one! Or google absentee ballot and your states name.

Thats all kids. Peace.


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