Are You A Trendsetter?? Introducing!!!

Calling all fashion gurus, musicians, film makers, and nightlife kings and queens! There is a new social networking website in town and guess what, its invite only. Talk about exclusive you cant just be any Joe Blow on the street, you have to be invited to join by an already existing “trend setter”. Only recently launched to the public and currently only in the New York Metro Area. A National expansion is in the works with L.A. next on the list!

This site is great for promoters, fashion designers, musicians, and film makers as I mentioned before because it allows you to develop an online following and get your work out there. Designers will be able to set up shop, musicians and film makers can showcase their work, and promoters can invite as many people as possible to the latest hot party! Recent partnership with the nightclub Home has made every Wednesday night a dedication to showcasing trend setters and bringing online users together to party!

Visit to check it out but unfortunately you wont get very far unless you’re a member. You can apply to be a trend setter at the site, or shoot me an email ( ), give me a sentence on why you deserve to be a part of this site and I may just send you the invite link to my following! is a great asset to those living in New York City, and soon all metro areas around the world, get in on it now and find out about the latest events, and hottest trends!!!

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One thought on “Are You A Trendsetter?? Introducing!!!

  1. Sounds interesting – thanks for the head’s up!

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