Hot New Designer Watch: ASLI FILINTA!

Since I’m all about new designers, and hot undiscovered talent here’s a great new designer for you to check out!

Born in Adana, Turkey she moved to Ankara when she was 18 to study Economics at Bikent University. She then moved to Istanbul to work in 2001. She began designing jewelry, which eventually lead to clothing and prints. Upon moving to New York City to live she developed her techniques further by attending classes at the proclaimed Parsons The New School. Now based out of New York she is designing women’s clothing and accessories.

Asli on her collection….”The oriental look of Istanbul allows each design to carry a proprietary exoticness dreaming up in the cross-cultural trends of the time in New York City. Besides the overflowing creativity and experimentation, there is receptiveness to new ideas. Some intangible elements of the time make it unique.”


“One common belief within the collection is anti-conformity and the major influence for my designs came out of the DIY culture of the arts.”



Oh my the tanks with the fringe are too die for right!? Where can you get your hands on these fabulous designs!?? That’s exactly what I wanted to know… Check it out!

Dernier cri

869 Washington St. Meat Packing District New York, NY 10014

Pixie Market

100 Straton St. New York, NY 10002

Pixie Market LA

7950 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048

Rodeo Wares

379 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Please check out her fabulous website for contact info, because you should probably get this collection in your store asap! You will definitely see me rocking some of this in seasons to come!



P.S. – Our little secret… Heidi Klum and Lindsey Lohan absolutely loveee Asli Filinta hats!

Fabulous Photo credit. Ebru Yildiz.


5 thoughts on “Hot New Designer Watch: ASLI FILINTA!

  1. Oscar says:

    nice article, being a turkish – american in the fashion world as well as interested in DIY fashion culture ( for women that is, unless tailor made suits are considered DIY- hey i pay for them!),
    you have a new subscriber, thanks!

  2. Josefina says:

    I luuuuv these t-shirts!!!
    Puts a little fun into the every day wear, day or night, with jeans or skirts, my shirt is so comfortable, I always have it on!

  3. Gia Scattolon says:

    Fresh, sexy, and classy as well, looking forward to more. Great, clean, and glamorous.

  4. Really like this up and coming designer. There are some really fresh and vibrant designs there which in my mind do stand out from the crowd. I will be keeping a close watch on Asli in the future.

  5. Hasan Kartal says:

    Aslı, senle gurur duydum. Helal olsun sana.


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