I WANT THESE NOW!- Supra Aoki Strapped

Well I know these are obviously a men’s sneaker but I already asked my boyfriend if he wanted them and he said they weren’t for him. I’m sorry but I think these would look totally great on me! The new Aoki Strapped for Supra… Steve Aoki being one of the DJs that I LOVE! I love Supra and have for a long time… all of the Chad Muska signature Skytop sneakers especially. It says these are available at Kitson Men, American Rag and Greyone, but in searching really hard to find a pair for myself I have had no luck! If anyone out there knows where I can get my hands on some of these pleassssse let me know!

Pictured below is some of the new Holiday Collection is supposed to hit stores near you sometime in November…I LOVE the flower and polka dot Skytops….and the silver Supranos mmmm gorgeous!!! Check that shit out after the jump…



10 thoughts on “I WANT THESE NOW!- Supra Aoki Strapped

  1. Buga says:

    The Supra kicks are badass! I need to get Strapped ASAP-somebody Help us!


  2. Ross S. says:

    When’s the next time your gonna post something or maybe look at a site that your brother made.

  3. mills says:

    Ive been lookin fo these kicks fo a bit and no luck this is the only site ive found that even knows what im lookin for?

  4. ryan says:

    i dont know if these are dropping at the three stores you talked about but i know that atmos in harlem will get umm….talked to the kid last week and he said any week now but they’ve been sayin that for months…they are set to drop this spring summer but no definate date so far…check your local supra dealership

  5. tarron says:

    i live in michigan where can i buy these from or how do u order them

  6. nycitygurl says:

    So far there is no store in Michigan that carries them and it is only online, but currently sold out. I will re-blog about the re-release of the shoes and where you can get them soon! ***Sneak Fact: there will be more colorways!

  7. zsdfsdfff says:

    there are some pair of these shoes on ebay rightnow. they are pretty expensive tho.

  8. Jesikca says:

    Does anyone know if they do Supra Footwear For women or even if they will lauch any? I Hope they do am in Love with them and I want a pair 😀

  9. Jesikca says:

    The hightop ones are So Beautiful

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