Oh No She Didn’t – 2007 Emmy DONTS

2007 Emmy’s took place last night with some deserving winners …and losers. Yay for Jeremy Piven’s win …gosh I love him! Of course we had our share of winners and losers on the red carpet as well…some were dressed by a talented stylist…some were just dressed…. and some got dressed in the dark? Heres a look as some shames… hmmm…

Kyra Sedgwick annoys the crap out of me with that fake accent on that show of hers. My grandmother loves her and I painfully watch it with her until my ears bleed. What the hell was she thinking with this Oscar de la Renta no no, bad shape and baddd fringe….this isn’t a funeral people lets see some color!

Ut-0h Hayden got into the drugstore bronzer again…someone call her mother please! Hayden Panettiere needs to kill her stylist because this is a mess! I feel like there might be a midget family hiding under there or something… maybe a big fat preggers belly…. but no… Marc Bouwer did this gown and I think it might look better on someone taller and maybe older… she should just stick to the sluttier dresses she usually wears…

Jenna Fischer stole the drapes from a local motel right before the show…rapped them around herself one too many times and tied a shitty bow…my grandma can do better then that. I’m all for an empire waste but…no body is doing it right!



Agree… or disagree?? share your opinions!


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