The Freitag Bag

So recently came across the supposed new big thing (that I had never heard of) called the Freitag Bag. I guess it is more popular in Europe but keep your eyes open because we may be seeing a lot more of them soon. It all started with two bike-riding designers who lived next to a truck route in Zurich. So the idea was to create these messenger bags from truck tarpaulins, bicycle innertubes, car seat belts and used airbags. That sounds pretty cool to me… all these things are totally waterproof and totally unique! Some even still have a little dirt on them, a little something that didn’t come of in the high powered wash they receive.

They have a lot of different styles of bags…for men and women. They also have a lot of unique designs and colors. Shopping online at there website was actually quite difficult. It seems easier to look up local shops that sell them and go there. I found this one at CITE in NYC.

$80 at Cite NYC

The bags are also available at ATRIUM, and TG 170.

Check out the official website to all of the cool styles, more about the company, and where you can shop in your area.FREITAG


6 thoughts on “The Freitag Bag

  1. Anna Miller says:

    Very cool! I think I saw these before. Thanks for the post.

  2. Ztern says:

    Great to see these extraordinary bags gain momentum on the other side of the Atlantic too!
    I first saw them in the late ’90s and was totally awed.
    And they’re mostly weather/waterproof!

  3. Oscar says:

    i dont dig it, looks like it should contain 3 cartons of Dunhill cigarettes bought from the duty free shop at Heathrow, keep up the good work!!

  4. Freitag bag says:

    Freitag bags have already achieved a cult status in Europe becouse of the uniqueness and extraordinary bag concept behind the brand . I believe, since Freitag´s model Top Cat is part of art design collection of MOMA in NY, they will soon become a legend in the States too. Here you can find original Freitag bags at more affordable prices:

  5. We are big fans of FREITAG at White Line Hotels and have just entered a collaboration with them. To celebrate we are giving away an exclusive, limited edition WYSS R099 bag worth € 315 and a two night stay at the wonderful Hotel Greulich in Zurich. Head over to for a chance to win it and more info.

    Much love.

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