NOMIS — Love

Simon Chamberlain’s brand Nomis has been around for like 2 years now I think? A lot of the stuff is really nice. I like both the guys and girls stuff, the graphics are cool and from what I own the stuff seems to be very nice quality. My boyfriend picked me up some nice stuff last year and I love it and I want moreee! Check out these diggs….


This jacket is stretch twill and yes it does stretch. It has satin lining, and an adjustable belt, the hood is my perfect size hood…and it has pockets…and I love pockets. Every time I wear this jacket I get compliments and it looks amazingggg on!

The hoodies are 80% cotton and 20% Poly Fleece they are super comfy and super warm! Another thing I love about this stuff is the fit… maybe its just me but I think they got the womens sizing spot on.

Don’t forget you man… The mens stuff…is cute…fun…and warm…so you can wear it to! 😉 My boyfriend said the sizing for men is perfect just big enough…he likes his stuff big. All the merchandise is decently priced…so go to the site and check it out, find a list of local shops that sell the stuff near you and a list of online shops to! NOMIS DESIGN


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