NY Fashion Week! Nicholai SS08

Okay so fashion week was crazzy! For all of you that live in New York… you know that this is the best week of the year! Lots of shows & lots of parties! I am going to blog about Nicholai first because I actually got the opportunity to attend this show.

Nicky Hilton is known as an heiress with no talent, she had a t-shirt jean type line in the past, and a purse line that did quite well. I have to say I wanted to go to this show because I wanted to see what she was made of and if she did have any real talent at all. I feel that so many people want her to fail because she’s a Hilton, but I think she will succeed.

The scene was set upon walking in…front row sat Russel Simmons, her lovely parents, Richie Rich, and Travis Rain. I have to say being in the same room as Richie and Travis got me excited…because I absolutely love them! The backdrop was white with a light blue NICHOLAI plastered in the middle and silver ribbons surrounding the entrance. Off the bat, the setting promotes fun! And fun is what my style is all about! The music was well mixed I for one was dancing in my place…nothing wrong with a Kanye and Electro mix!

First look green bikini, onto a yellow short jump suit, and an orange party dress. Beehive hair or more mod hair long straight and maybe a perfect bang. We are already on a bright note with colors which is great for Spring/Summer. As for now yes I could purchase any of these things off the rack at the local H&M… Fourth look was a black and white short with the minimal jacket, loved it!


Following were some interesting shalls, cute summer cocktail dresses, and that one print that I didn’t really love. The 11th look was my 2nd favorite, we are starting to see her love for bling. I’m loving this cut-off airy jacket and you know you would see those sequenced hot pants all over the summer nightlife scene.


Moving on the next metallic trench coat was cute and I love that she is taking the metallics to a whole new level and implementing a variety of color. The midnight blue bomber jacker and short look was cute and the 15th look to go down the runway was easily one of my favorites. You cant go wrong with hot pink and bright orange with a little fringe. I love this dress. There was then a second metallic bomber jacket and short look but in a forest green, and this was fabulous.


Next she did some average bikinis and some fun sequenced tops…good for going out and such. Then we were back into the cocktail dress which I think she executed beautifully. Check out the detailing on the bottoms of the yellow and blue dresses…so fun! And the best part about a lot of her dresses was that the detail in the back of the dress was just as exciting as the front! If not more exciting! I am a sucker for a sexy back.


The last three dresses were probably my favorite! I think these dresses were the best and they truly displayed some talent that maybe wasn’t seen as much in the rest of the collection.


What did we learn from this? Nicky Hilton like jewels…bling, she likes color, and hidden detail! She is very LA, West Coast if you will…but a few of her pieces are definitely transferable to the East. It looks like she designs for the girl that likes to have fun, party, and look sexy at the beach. I think she’s in season, all these looks are fully wearable, and I’m sure we are going to see them this Spring. She’s no top designer and I think she has a ways to go, but for now…I think we can say she has some talent. She will stay on my radar…but all the haters need to give her a break! Jealous bitchesss… Good show!


Find collections and reviews at WWD


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