I’m Not Sure About Tyra… The Tyra Banks Show NYC

Is Tyra Banks really all she’s cracked up to be? Is she really this wild fun loving lady we all think she is? Read on for my opinion….

So, today me and three of my best friends spent 5 grueling hours at the Tyra Banks Show. Yes, we signed up for it and yes we all willingly went but I think I can speak for all of us when I say, we didn’t get what we expected.

The personality that Tyra Banks displays is loud, obnoxious, fun, exciting….you name it….Tyra just looks crazy and fun (sometimes annoying). We expected her to be all she hypes her self up to be from her craziness on ANTM and her 3 seasons of talk shows. We were unfortunately to say seriously disappointed. They tell you to arrive at the show by 10am at the latest and to dress “business upscale”. We arrived at 9:30 not wanting to be late since they implement terror in ticket holders through e-mail and make it seem like a big deal if your not there by 10. We were greeted by of course employee attitude…yes yes that’s their job..sure. We stood there in line probably until 10:30…eventually they starting letting people in by lines. Went through security…the whole shh-bang and took our seats in the presumed “green room” which looked like a shelter home…. I mean don’t worry I wasn’t expecting any glamor I’ve been to shows before…I’m just describing it as best I can.

We sat in the uncomfortable banquet hall chairs for what seemed like more than an hour or until we couldn’t feel our butts anymore…nor our toes…because we were wearing our “business upscale” heels. In sitting here for what seemed like a year…we were able to take in the fact that about 1/5 of this large crowd, that continued to grow, was actually following this “strict dress code”. Some people were just awful… and let me warn you I get bitchier when I’m aggravated and boy was I ever aggravated. My friends said they probably try to scare people into dressing good in the e-mail so that people will try their hardest and they’ll end up getting a crowd thats dressed some where on the middle of the scale…yeah sure whateverrr.

Anyway as the room continued to fill with unfortunate outfits… we sat…not knowing anything… We couldn’t know what the show was about (they wanted to see the “real look of surprise” on our faces when we found out), we couldn’t know when we were going to start, or how long it was going to take! And that’s another thing, they don’t tell you how long they are going to tape until you get in the studio and your stuck. So us college students that assume 2-3hours (WHO NEEDS MORE THAN THAT FOR AN HOUR SHOW?) ….Well we were thrown in the flames when forced to skip any classes we may have needed to attend. But we signed up for this right??…yeah we know.

Funny thing is when they actually started to seat people at like 11:30 or later…they took the last 26 people that had gotten there and let them go first! Ummm HELLLLOOO we’ve been here since 9:30!! Some people earlier… and your just letting in all the people that got here at 11!?? Sooo pissed… I haden’t eaten yet because we had to get up so early and no coffee…no water… no cookie… no nothing! What kind of operation is this!? are we in jail??? Alright I’ll move it along… We got seated… as we walked in the temperature descended and we walked by rooms of employees wearing their warm sweat shirts and drinking water and coffee, we thought about mobbing them, but held back. Us four fortunately got good seats…probably because we are ridiculously good looking..(j/k)… We eventually figure out the show was “Fashion 101” I’m like greatttt we skipped our classes at real fashion school…for 5 hours of this! Tapeing finally started a little later than noon.

When Tyra actually came out I have to say we were all shocked. First time I ever saw her in person and she was perfect. Tiny waste… tall…real women hips! and she looked as perfect as a barbie doll. Unfortunately when we all expected her to come out and greet everyone, at least say hellloo (i wasn’t expecting her to give out hugs or anything) and get excited and everything…nope she was shy/mute/dead…looked at the ground, looked at the screen…didn’t even look at the audience. When the camera was rolling all of a sudden there was the over to top Tyra… yeah FAKE! I have to say I’m not the biggest Tyra fan in the world but I am a fan and this was just disappointing… Is she not really this bubbly lady we all think she is??? Even when the guests came on… like Tracey Reese and Stacey from Alice & Olivia… it seemed like she didn’t even acknowledge them. Only when Kimora Lee Simmons arrived 3 hours late did she at all seem nice and fun. Kimora was great she was gorgeous seemed nice…was waving to the audience and saying hi…her I love… but Tyra….sorry your going to have to do something to make me believe again….

I’ve been to other shows…. sometimes during a break or a clip the host turns to the audience and says hi maybe asks some people where they are from… gets everyone excited…nope not a peep. It makes me wonder if lots of celebrities are like this? If they have “fake-TV-personalities”…. hmmm… or maybe she was just “working” whatever regardless I expected more from here. One of the stage hands kept trying to get us excited and crap… with the promise of more prizes…people just ended up making fools of themselves…I think they were just trying the hide the fact that it took 20 fucking minutes for Tyra to change her outfit and look perfect… yeah she changed 5 times..oohh it was the fashion ep…my bad…WOOPIEE… we just sat there…alone…cold…and disappointed…

So at the end of the 5 hours… not letting us go the the bathroom because they only have “one” bathroom… they gave us either a bag of chips…a bag of popcorn…or a granola bar… hmmm thanks….why don’t I just pass out of dehydration now… And they were planning on making us film more! Thank god they canceled that part! I had a headache because I’ve been living on my own spit for the past 5 hours!!! On our way out thankfully our section got to go first…who knows how long it took to get the rest of them out. We got a lovely set of five nail polishes from a special Tracey Reese for Sally Hansen collection and a KLS lip gloss. Well shit…. I would of rather been paid 10 dollars an hour for that. But I will be giving myself a mani/pedi later because the colors are FABULOUS!

Doesn’t Trya promote “being yourself”? Well then why does she have this fake TV persona? All in all..yes I cannot lie… I signed up for this… I was excited for it… I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited… and upon leaving I regretted even coming… Hopefully Tyra was just having a bad day…I hope that’s the case. Oh well I guess you win some you lose some.

Props to:

Rosa Cha, Tracey Reese, Alice and Olivia, Roberto Cavalli, and Kimora Lee Simmons


21 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure About Tyra… The Tyra Banks Show NYC

  1. Nicole says:

    Very well put…and I agree, I wasn’t the world’s biggest Tyra fan, but I thought she would’ve been totally different. She was FAKE and completely unresponsive to the entire crowd, until Kimora came on the show, of course. There’s a difference between ‘working’ and interacting with your audience. The nail polish is beautiful though. I put the Sultry Fuchsia on my toes and it looks FIERCE! ha

  2. nycitygurl says:

    ahhh haha I have tunisian sand on the hands feverish rose on my toes hahaha!!!

  3. Becca says:

    I love the description “we just sat there…alone…cold…and disappointed…” very dramatic but very true…and may i add on she didn’t even say goodbye or thanks for coming she only spoke to us when she told us Kimora was 3 hours late. but whatever we 4 had fun in our seats people watching when we weren’t having to be fake and happy.

  4. Pierre Desravines says:

    I’ve bee watching the Tyra Banks shows for quite a long time that is very facinatng to me as a man actuallcal i have a friend she is very interested to be a model to b honest she is quite beautiful i am very fatuated by her beauty but she is my class mate in the medical her dreams is to be a model therefore would anyone of you would be so kind to help her to accomplished that dream if so feel free to contact me at the E-mail address above thank you all by the i am not an agent only a simple guy trying to help

  5. anon says:

    you probably caught her on an off day.
    i watched the show yesterday and while she didn’t completely mingle with the audience, she was very polite with her guests and communicated with the front of the audience
    they also hired a comedian for breaks and such
    although i wish i got free stuff 😦

  6. ANONYMOUS says:

    Wow, you’re real bitchy.

  7. Emma says:

    You Know Thats Such A Shame About Tyra! I Really Thought She Was This HYPE Queen! I Was About To Sign Up For Americas Next Top Model This Year.. But I Dont Think Ill Bother!

  8. mary says:

    You are a real bitch! You signed up for that stuff and if you knew you had class or some other obligation, why did you go? And what real “fashion school” do you go to? please!! you know your happy ass was over the moon about getting tickets. And if I was Tyra I would not mingle with a bunch of wannabees! in the audience, I think you and you bitch ass friends are the ones who are the fakes! go to hell

  9. haute p!nk says:

    I wish i knew who this mary biotch is so i could slap the living shit out of her. Your the fake wannabe who’s probably mad because you look like SHIT! Anyway, i too am a fashion student at the very “real fashion school,” Parson’s School of Design (eat your heart out mary) who also had a bad experience at the Tyra Show. Needless to say, she wasn’t having a bad day because i was at a whoe different taping and she didn’t interact with the audience and just wasn’t the spunky Tyra i was used to seeing on ANTM. But let’s not forget…she is a former model and us “real ashion students” all know how they can be.

  10. nycitygurl says:

    LOL! Thanks haute p!nk! Mary it seems you didn’t read the post in it’s entirety because all of your points were addressed! and I was simply stating my opinion on the experience….

  11. dashia says:

    My friends and I were just on the Tyra show a few weeks ago, and you described everything perfect to the T we wen’t through the same thing. We dressed up and other people were wearing sneakers! Tyra was so lazy she switched the audience around to make it look like she was walking around when really she just stood in one spot the whole time. We didn’t get any prizes at all they gave some people a tshirt but wtf you can’t give everyone something after we sat at the show for 4hours??? But yes Tyra banks is absolutely gorgeous though,although I will never want to go on the show again..its not worth it!

  12. Star says:

    Yah know I always liked Tyra as a model cuz she is built like what a “quote un quote” real woman should be preceived as not a (stick) But built like in reality yah know real life….but that’s the modeling industry! I’d love to see more of that (real built women) in the modeling world. I truly believe that most celebs have tv personalities an their normal self. They probably just separate the 2, I do agree that she should have been more of a host lie being interactive with the audience. For without them there would be no show! She should realize that! But I can tell yah she’s always lookin’ fierce. It’s a shame u went to the show an had such a horrible experience. I am going to a show (planning to a friend n I have tickets) I will deff keep u updated. Tho I am a little scared to go now..lol!

  13. ok... says:

    You spelled “lose” wrong.

  14. Bobbie says:

    Why don’t you ppl lay off of the original poster?? She shared HER experience on the show-why does she have to be insulted for doing so? I’ll bet Tyra is a fake ass bitch; the ppl on her show are fake because I’ve seen some ppl come back for an ENTIRELY different episode under the guise of being someone else. Totally fake. I’ve seen guests appear on her show that have been on reality tv shows before. So, I believe everything that this person reported. You all need to get over yourselves.

  15. Anonymouse says:

    you know, Tyra could’ve been having an off day for all you know something really serious could’ve happened. i can see why you were pissed though. But really if you’re at a fashion school & you’re not overly crazy about Tyra in a way it was your own fault for going & missing those lessons. Also if you think about it you’re pretty lucky to of seen Tyra in real, not many people can say that…it was an experience. Of course if what you’ve said is true then i’m sorry but for all you know you could be the one in the wrong.

  16. bebe says:

    I agree with Anonymouse completely. sorry to hear about your experience, too bad it didn’t go a little more differently, but there will be ups and downs or highs and lows (if you will) as far as personality and moods. I dont’ think it’s possible to be at 100 every second of the day and that’s not to say she was that bad on that day, but it’s a huge statement to say someone is fake of that one experience (especially if she wasnt particularly a nasty bitch toward people)…she should maybe interact more etc but as you know you signed up for it but you may have had even GREATER expectations to compensate for your missed time with school or missed breakfast and when it wasn’t the dream experience, it seemed that much worse. Well it was an experience none the less…

  17. Kelly says:

    I too had a very bad experience at the tyra show. My girls and I arrived super early to wait in that disgusting basement! Tyra is so fake its not even funny she is rude, stuck up, only interacts with guest on camera.Yes she is very pretty but what does that have to do with her talk show? I also have another friend who went to Tyra two months after me and she had the same horrible experience. With that being said we also went to the view and all the ladies were extremely sweet .Tyra cannot be having an off day every day!Do not go to the show if you are not a fan of fake people.

  18. ASH says:

    I went to the Tyra Show a few weeks ago and had a blast! At first I was a bit upset because of the wait in the green room and the long tappings, but that’s what I signed up for. Her personality was fabulous even though she did not mingle with the audience too much. I understood because she was doing her job and trying to do it well. I can only imagine how tired she must be after all those tappings and meeting and greeting all her guest on the show would be over the top. I am sorry you had a bad experience though…your blog was funny though

  19. erica says:

    I completlyyyy agree with u…I went yest with my 2 friends and I was sooo excited I loved her and she seemed soo real on tv n I left beyond disappointed I can’t stop thinking about it today…it was a boring episode n when she asked someone a question n the camera wasn’t on her it looked like she wasn’t even paying attention to there answer she was jus geten ready for her next question…they kept changing everyones seats so friends weren’t even sitting together..I don’t know why they did that and the questions people asked are fake!!! They grill u up and down while ur waiting to go in the studio and then they ask u would u like to ask a question but they give u the question to ask..soo fake…and so was she during commercials there was no bubbly personality we all thought she had..I’m not a fan of her at all nemore def changed my thoughts about her..the show..and top model

  20. Storm says:

    ok first of all, she cant be hyped up if the cameras not rolling. so shut the fuck up

  21. Anonymous says:

    i was actually on the tyra show the episode with Glee.
    i thought i was gonna meet her and just have to say a few things. but when we got there they wanted us to be extrmeemly mean to the kids and practiced with us what to say when we go on stage.
    it is completely fake and tyra couldnt even say hi or smile at us.

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