Not So Good – VMA 07 DONTS

No Shana No… I’m not a Shana hater but what is that?? Travis can wear whatever the fuck he wants and I will love him… and PS I love this couple and there love/hate relationship!!

I so love Kat Von D but we’ve seen this outfit before… it looks like she just woke up and was like shittt i forgot I gotta go to the VMAs grabbed something outta her closet and ran…this was an opportunity for her to impress us right!? I doubt she cares about impressing anyone… but it seems lately the world is in love with her and she should have taken that as a good chance to show off he shitttt….

Cee-lo…what is this the guy from the matrix… an unattractive man… in an unattractive outfit… two no goods!

Ewwww stop it… I’ll pretend I didn’t see this.. I’m not the biggest Nelly Furtado fan and this made it worse…. wide leg pant suit = no no no… and her hair is nottt doing it for me… she looks like she got in a fight with some sun-in!


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