Lookin Good.. More LOVES From VMAs

Here are some more celebs to make my best dressed list…

Megan Fox looks hott… it may be a tight dress but this bitch pulls it off… she looks absolutely gorgeous… even if she cant walk… hehe

I am a Paris fan and whether you love her of hate her… I still think she looks good… Her hair is a little…hmmm i dunno I guess not that attractive but she pulls this dress off nicely…

Ashlee Simpson… I’m not that big of a fan but this is a cute dress and she does look great in it… On the other hand… her eye make-up is a no go…she looks like she just smoked a huggee blunt and shes madddd highh haha

Audrina…. good… Whitney… looks out-a-control amazing… Lauren… mmm fine…. the dress is from her own line I guess that will be coming out soon, she has been looking good lately so she should show it off her figure more! The dark red lip stick is drowning out the rest of her face….no no no

I’m feeling this dress on Alicia Keys… I think she looks very nice and I kinda like the leather…the make-up I’m not sure about yet… still thinking….you?

Hayden Panettiere looks good in blue… shes a cute girl…not feeling the pulled back hair… she could have done something hott because she has gorgeous hair! Is is just me or has the youngin been getting sluttier??? Eve… I’m feelin it… this is a good example of something Beyonce could have done…!!!

Some men that made the cut… 50 cent doin the dressy casual look… I’ve never been one to druel over 50 but he does look gooooood here… Also Ludacris… I’m not sure what it is… but I’m feelin the purple vertical stripe vest and the slate gray… lookin sexxyy



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