Brit Brit = Disappointing

You can view the video here in case you missed it. And yes my opinion is the same as everyone else’s… I was very disappointed!! COME ON BRIT! We were all rooting for you here! We wanted you to blow the world away and make us love you again…. and you disappointed everyone! Okay… are these people not professionals here! No one could have staged something a little more outrageous! This was supposed to be the ‘come back’! Yes I LOVE the song… I could listen to “Gimme More” every day… and they are already playing it in the clubs in NYC and people love it… but Britney looks like she was drunk… she was stumbling…looked like she didn’t even know the words to the song… like she didn’t even want to lip sync she did a horrible job! Its not that hard to get into it! It looked like she didn’t know what dance move was coming next and she was half assing every move!

It looked like she was almost gonna fall three times. Her body wasn’t horrible…but its not the Brit we all remember from before… Her HAIR oh Gawwh! Could a professional not have done her hair! It looked horrible! This was her opportunity and if she wasn’t ready to do her best then why do it at all..? She has balls…but now comes all the bad press for how everyone thinks she sucked! This album better be BOMB ASS or else shes officially gone… and sorry to say I dont think as many people are rooting for her anymore… I still have hope… *sigh


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