Best & Worst Dressed VMAs 2007

I missed the VMAs last night because I had to go to the Nicky Hilton runway show in Bryant Park but I got caught up so don’t worry… I will update you on the runway show later… There were plenty of beautiful people at the VMA’s last night and some of them need to hire a new stylist… maybe me…if you looking 😉 hehe.

Rhianna definitely stole the night for me…. and I’m getting my hair cut Friday very similar to hers because it’s fucking HOTT…. So Best Dressed obviously goes to her… hands down.. Hot Pink is my thing… and everything about her looks absolutely perfect!




Now I’m usually a fan of Lil Mama’s fresh style but girl did me wrong last night and is absolutely “Worst Dressed” ummm I think she must have known as soon as she put on this joke of an outfit that she was going to be in every tabloid as worst dressed…maybe that was the reason she did it…


As for Beyonce.. totally not doing for me… I had more faith in you than this!! This dress/fabric does NOTHING for your shape! Not to mention you obviously had to fashion tape that dress to your tits because that is an accident waiting to happen…. and you know you were worrying about it all night! (I know I do) You would think for someone who knows they are going to be accepting an award you would have done a little better with that dress!


More hits..and misses to come…


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