The Last Day of the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Today was the last day of the warehouse sale and it was bananas!!! Me and my girls left at 9:30 …yeah i don’t know how I got up after our Labor Day Celebration at Home the night before…but I slapped on my sweat pants and biggest aviators and we headed out. The line to get in was more then an Avenue long. We got there at like 5 after 10 and people were just getting let in. After about 20 minutes in line we got in and it was mayhem! Women everywhere with garbage bags… in each hand… full of shoes… shoe boxes… and clothes. They were like crazy!

I was kind of thinking yeah…the shoes are on a good sale, but why do you want to buy $2000 worth of 15 pairs of old season shoes? I mean I can understand 2..3…4 pairs but 15!?? come on. Everything was 75% off final markdows….in the womens section at least. I got a DVF dress for $30 originally $400 and a Marc Jacobs dress originally $300 for $40. My friend made out mad good with shoes. She got some Balenciaga platform wedges that were originally $900 for only like $90!! Some Christian Louboutin wedges for around $40 and some verry nice boots for $70 (orig. $700).

The sale is done and I am done wasting money on sale merchandise, I swear I am such a sucker for a good sale.  I guess I’ll wait for the one at the end of winter and do it all over again. This was my first time going on the last day at Barneys and I definitely have to say it is a sight to see. Bitches are cadddy for a sale!!! Hahaha!


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