The BF/GF Label… & The Hillz

So I’m watching The Hillz with my roommate and yeah whatever you know you were watching it too. I find Audrina and Justin’s situation all to familiar. What is with men and or boys and their phobia of the label of boyfriend and girlfriend. I have heard the whole “I just don’t see the point in the boyfriend/girlfriend label??” thing way too many fucking times!!! Seriously guys you need to get over it! Us “females” like the label of boyfriend & girlfriend and I don’t know why and I cannot really explain it but the label just triggers something in our brains that makes us feel more comfortable. You guys can try for as long as your want to go “label-less” but we will never feel satisfied until you pop that valuable question… “will you be my girlfriend?” That is the only thing that will make us feel secure enough that you are really ours and not any other girls. It took me a little while but I finally got my man head over heels…in the palm of my hand…and plenty full of “i love you baby’s” and “my girlfriend this..and that” hehe. GOOD LUCK!

Spencer and Brody are annoying Spencer is being a little bitch for real…why are you even on T.V. and why am I wasting valuable studying hours watching this… I don’t know. I really think that Brody is only being friends with Lauren because he wants to be on T.V. What a reality TV whore!!! hahaha


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