Entourage Season Finale

So the Entourage season finale was kind of disappointing. Billy Walsh’s character is starting to drive me nuts. It seems that he cant do anything right! All I want is the best for Vince, because I love him, and it seems Billy keeps leading him down the wrong path. He’s like a bad influence. It’s kinda like Marissa (Mischa Barton) from the O.C. … when your like seriouslllly I want to smack you because you keep causing problems and unnecessary drama!!!! It seems everything that goes wrong for Vince is because of Billy.

Anyway I still love the show…. I just want something good to happen for Vince, just for once dammit! I cannot believe that it’s over and I have to wait all the way until next summer to see his beautiful face again… Oh it’s going to be a lonnnnggg year folks.


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