NYC Nightlife 2.0

Okay so Stereo Friday Night…wore my Betsey’s for the first time and I was blister city half way through the night…like I couldn’t walk and it was a band-aid 911 emergency. I sent my guurrls on a mission to find me a band-aid because I couldn’t walk, and thank god for bathroom attendants, that is all I can say.

Since I was in crisis mode I thought why not provide a little nightlife list for everyone to live by, all the necessities that you should not leave the house without before going out for a night in the city…or any city for that matter.

1. Camera (Make sure it is charged!!!)

2. Your Photo I.D. (or maybe your fake in some cases šŸ˜‰ haha)


4. Lip Gloss…I bring two different kinds..a chap stick and a gloss

5. House Key, or School ID to get back in your building

6. A Roll on perfume, or scented lotion, or my bff even carries deodorant hahaha – what??? you never know…

7. Band-aids!!! for those little emergencies…BEAUTY IS PAIN LADIES!

8. Money…going out in NYC I’ve never paid to get into a club and I’ve never bought a drink, but you never know when you might need to take an emergency cab ride…or whatever!! take someee money just in case, don’t carry your whole wallet and risk loosing it though.

9. Gum…at least like 2 peices… I like mint but I LOVE bubblicious (watermelon or strawberry)

10. Hair tye or hair clip….its gets hottt and sweaty out there

Optional Extras:

11. A blow pop….I call them suckers…. others call the lollipops…haha

And all that has to fit in your little Chanel pouchette…

P.S. after breaking in my new shoes I am confident that they will be heaven from here on out šŸ™‚

To quote Samantha….”I don’t believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties…”

Leave a comment and add something to the list…..


5 thoughts on “NYC Nightlife 2.0

  1. Nicole says:

    is the deodorant part about me?? I’m telling you I have a phobia!

  2. nycitygurl says:

    haha of course it is about you…what other bff do I have that carries deodorant around… hahaha

  3. Dior says:

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  4. Becca says:

    Hahhaa…i love it! that list should be plastered to the mirror as you pout your lips on the way out the door…just in case you forget something ;).

  5. Alex says:

    this is my first visit on this site but i am sure girls carry more then what that list says lol

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