Sunglass Watch

I practically collect sunglasses….because I think you can never have enough sunglasses….When I’m at home I carry 8 pairs in my car at one time because you never know when you might want to wear another pair. Check out these hot styles…

TrainerSpotter LA Shades $72

TrainerSpotter NYC Shades $86

Oakley Frogskins Polished $186

Oakley Trevor Andrew Frogskins $186


Claw Nugget Sunglasses $358



Claw Candy Gazelle Shades $330



Claw Wire Aviator Shades $286



Super Retro Verde $130 (Come in yellow, blue, & red also)

Purchase any of those styles on

Cali Roots


3 thoughts on “Sunglass Watch

  1. starbuck007 says:

    How old are those Oakleys, the logo looks old school like 1990’s old school.

  2. nycitygurl says:

    yeah it is an old logo I’m sure…style today is allllll about bringing back the old school! lol

  3. starbuck007 says:

    Have you seen the new Jee Vice Sunglasses I am not a huge judge of sunglasses but a huge amount of my female acuaintences love Jee Vice you can check out thier website and tell me what you think. They are like the oversize bug look lenses but I guess they are pretty cool I am more of an Oakley guy myself.

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