Shopping in NYC – Sep 1 Update

Today I went shopping again and I need to stop because I’m going over budget and with books and groceries and everything else….gosh NYC just sucks you dry! Anyway I went to the Barney’s Sample sale again and got away with some great things. The sale is now down to 60% off final mark-downs!!! They had some great finds, good DVF and Marc. The Marc Jacobs boots I wanted were gone. Monday is the last day of the sale, I don’t know if everything will be marked down more or if it is staying at 60 but you should go check it out if you get a chance.

I also ventured down to SoHo with my family because they were in town. Lots of stores still have some kind of sales going on, and they are really good sales. I went to Union because my little brother was looking for a t-shirt and they were having a really good sale if you wear size XXL. 70% off all XXL BBC and Ice Cream stuff and they have good stuff, you just have to be bigg 🙂

Shoes are my weakness of course and there were a lot of great shoe sales on Spring St. so go venture out and find those sales ladies! We went to Chanel and even they had stuff on sale, I mean sale for Chanel isn’t much but…there were some cute shoes in the $300 range. I looked at the new Fall/Winter costume jewelry and they have some really cute stuff!

We also went to the Kid Robot store and it was crowded!!! They really need to make that store bigger for how much traffic they are going to get. I love SoHo but it is just sooo crowded down there I cant stand it…then you get like the slow couple in front of your and I’m like MOVEE! I got my shop walk on and when you stand in front of me I want to push you!!! Sorry thats one of my biggest pet peeves….

That’s all on this shopping update…Peace.Love.Fashion


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