Brit Spears….New Song!

We are allll wondering will she or wont she make a come back! Well Perez just put up one of her new songs….Remix of “Gimme More” featuring T.I. and its totally HOTTT!!! I think it definitely has come back material. If the whole world didn’t hate Britney right now…I think everyone would definitely love it. I have a feeling we will be hearing this all over in a short time…Click here to go to Perez and listennnn. Its got a good beat and I could totally picture it in the club.

3 have been leaked and all be heard on Perez… the original “Gimme More” and one called “Cold As Fire” click the links for the direct link to Perez. I don’t like the cold as fire one as much as gimme more, and I like the remix the best…but hell all three aren’t bad.

Stereooo tonight with all my bitches back in the city! It’s going to be pretty much out of control!


One thought on “Brit Spears….New Song!

  1. Nicole says:

    gimme more is definitely better than cold as fire! cold as fire sounds like brit on crack!

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