Gadget Guide – Moto Q

I love my Moto Q. I have Sprint and I always complain because I never think Sprint has any cute phones at all! When it came time to renew my contract I knew I wanted a PDA because I text most of the time I’m awake. I was deciding between the Treo and the Q and through must deliberation and asking tons of people for advice I chose the Q. The buttons are further apart…so if you have man hands than you have no problems pushing the buttons, it is sleek and skinny so you look cute holding it, it has a side scroll, and it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Pretty much the only thing it doesn’t have is touch screen. But my opinion on the touch screen in null because I really would not be standing in a club with my little pen touching my screen… um no, I would rather have a skinny mini light phone and look so much cuter! haha.

I always wanted a side-kick but then my boss told me to grow up. I guess side-kicks are for teenagers and when you venture out to start a ‘career’ someday you need to step it up a notch and get something more substantial. I dunno?? My best friend Coley has Verizon and shes got the envy and personally I think it looks like a biscuit. I’ve never been a fan of phones that you like open up and peek inside?…hmm that makes me think of the biscuits that you like pull apart hehe. My other best friend has Sprint as well and has the Mogul by HTC its kind of chunky and complicated looking haha. Both of them will kill me for hating on there phones.

Anyway I’ve heard of people with the Verizon service that have the Q saying they hate it and have had problems. But I guess the phone was improved before being offered for Sprint. I have had mine for like 2 months now and I love everything about it! It has only frozen on me like once. The only con is the battery life…it needs to charged all day every day…but that’s with any PDA right? You also cant buy single ringtones you have to get a like $20 package….according to what some mean Sprint lady told me..I haven’t quite figured it out yet. You can however record your own but, they sound kind of shitty.

Summary of Key Features
• One of the first devices to run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0; Optimized for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and a variety of third party email solutions that enable a broad set of corporate email capabilities*
• Thinnest QWERTY device in the world – 11.5mm
• Full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard, 5-way navigation button and thumb wheel
• Video clip capture and playback
• Connectivity via Bluetooth, IrDA and mini-USB; compatible with Motorola H500, HT820, H5, H600, H700 Bluetooth wireless headsets
• Multi-Media Messaging (MMS)
• Dual, stereo-quality speakers
• Audio formats supported: iMelody, MIDI, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, WAX, QCELP
• Image formats supported: GIF87a, GIF89a, JPEG, WBMP, BMP, PNG
• Video formats supported: H.263, MPEG-4, GSM-AMR, AAC, WMV
• Mini-SD removable memory card slot
• Large, high-resolution display (320 x 240 pixels, 65K TFT)
• 1.3 mega pixel camera with photo lighting
• PIM functionality with Picture Caller ID
• Advanced speech recognition and speakerphone

From: Moto Q

THATS THAT FOLKS! Share your personal phone preferences with me……


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