Sample Sale-ing

So yesterday was my first official ‘full day’ to get back in the New York groove… wait hold on… “I’m back! back in the New York grooove!…I’m back! back in the New York groove…!” (okay that’s it I promise) So of course what better to do on your first day back but shop til you drop! Me and my friends went Sample Sale-ing (yeah I know thats not a word) and we did a very good job! I swear sample sales are like God’s gift to women!!!… and some men.

First we went to the Intermix Sample Sale. It was the last day of the sale so everything was on mega mark-down and I mean MEGA! The deal was if you have purchased at least 3 items you get an extra 50% off your shoes, 30% off shirts and 40% off dresses off of their already crazy marked down prices. They still had a ton of stuff left. I got an Ella Moss tank that was originally $98 for only $17.40, I got a cute black Tart shirt for going out that was originally for $29.40, and two Young Fabulous and Broke jersey type dresses…originally $110, and $115 for $21.30 each.

Now the best part is the SHOES! My favorite part of every sample sale. I got a pair of gray leather Velcro strap and wood heel Chloe pumps for—wait for it—- $34 dollars! Yeah thats like a $600 dollar shoe for only $34! I was dying! I think the person ringing me up messed up a little I think it was supposed to be 50% off of $150 (which was the final mark-down price for Chloe) so they should have been $75 but, o well!!! 🙂 Then I got this other great pair of denim, like tye up wedges by I’m ashamed to say I don’t know that were originally $198 for only $30! Then I got a $200 necklace for $20 and a $110 bangle for $9. Pics below!

wedges1 wedge 2

chloe 1 chloe2

Here is a similar look off the runway from Chloe Fall 06′ and hell I’ll take an old season Chloe heel for $34 any day! anytime!


After the Intermix sale we headed to the Barney’s Warehouse Sample Sale. They had a pretty good selection of clothes and some nice shoes as well. There were several things that I wanted but than I decided why not wait till the last day because then everything might be more on sale then normal, and if it’s fate I can get the Louboutin wedges and Marc Jacobs boots I wanted. My male friend made out very well at the sale and it is definitely something I would recommend for the guys to check out, they give you a great selection.

I did pick up one thing for the most adorable 2 year old cousin in the world. It’s a little bitty hoodie by ‘Blair Wearz’ and they are so cute! The closest she’ll get to Bape I guess. It was originally $108 and I got it for $20. It is sooo cute!

hoodie 1


Now imagine that on a 2 year old! Haha. So I made out good so far with the sample sales, and I cant wait for the Showroom Seven one and the last day of the Barney’s one. I will keep you updated! Any one else out there get lucky at a sample sale!?? tell us about it!!


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