NYC Nightlife

Mmmmm finally back in NYC, feels great let me tell you! Got to go out last night and had so much fun! We started out at a Mexican restaurant with plenty of pitchers of margaritas….very strong margaritas..or maybe I just haven’t drank in awhile because 2 drinks was enough for me… 11:30 we made our way to Arena…our table was sooo crowded! 2 bottles of Grey Goose later it was time to take the party elsewhere. Stereo was next on the agenda and we arrived around 1am. Little bit of a hustle bustle at the door for no reason, except for 2 guys in blue carefully watching outside. Eventually we proceeded and it seemed to be pretty busy inside. Good music as usual and plenty of sweaty people dancing. Omg it is sooo hott in the city I cannot stand it! I was sweating and I hate sweating! Anyways a Heiniken and some more vodka later I noticed my good friend was sleeping on couch. Thats my cue to leave. I walked her home and successfully made it into my bed with out any problems. Called my boyfriend, put on a sleepy time mix and fell right asleep. For the record Stereo is definitely my favorite club in the city right now. Lots of fun, very good crowd, great music.


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