Yes or No? — Spandex Lame Leggings

Could you sport this flashy accessory?

These $69 at Patricia Field

These $40 from American Apparel

Yes metallic is in… these are a little loud right. I think it will take the right person, the right personality, the right body type, and the right outfit to rock these lame leggings to their full potential (for example the Patricia Field Picture at the top ‘works’). Whether or not I would wear them?.. I do like to make a statement and have somebody stare, but I don’t think I will be rocking these anytime soon…It might taking some working into.

I also think the Shiny Nylon Tricot Leggings fall under this category…

$34 from American Apparel


22 thoughts on “Yes or No? — Spandex Lame Leggings

  1. nicole says:

    alone…like the first pic is HORRIBLE…only stick thin runway models could dare to try that, but the look overall screams 80’s. Maybe if you mixed and matched them with a hot skirt over them with killer heels you can achieve the right look.

  2. NayNay says:

    I would never wear these..They remind me those gold pants you had from dance that made my butt look gigantic.

  3. kokotea says:

    i own a pair.. they are super comfy and you can dress them up or down this is definitely the new it item!@!

  4. Vanessa Bonn says:

    I actually own the american apparel black lame leggings and wore them on sat night with long tunic white tank and plain black stilettos and a thin grey & black leopard cardigan over it. Got lots of compliments. I think as long as the ass is covered, and you aren’t rocking them with candy colored heels, you can avoid the 80s look. I would even wear mine with converse.

  5. Katrina Woiten says:

    I would definitly wear these! I love the shiney material and the versatility of this item which can be layered or worn with a camisole top or with a leather top. I would avoid being ‘overshiney’ by pairing these with velour or leather etc. To those nay-sayers or those who say 80’S I say get used to it, You’ll see me wearing this look for years to come.

  6. Claire says:

    I think that they are cute and the people that don’t like them are just jealous because they can’t fit into them. I probably can’t either, but I can see that the people that do look damn good.

  7. ange_babee says:

    I have the gold lame ones from american apparel and i think they rock. I agree with Claire. People who don’t like them are either…a) jealous because they can’t fit into them or b) are not able to have fun with fashion. Either way, who cares about trends as long as one feels comfortable and fun!

  8. Faux_Brit says:

    When I first saw these lamé tights I fell in love with them. With high heels and a long top/tunic they would A-mazing.

  9. Boss Lady says:

    These pants are great. They are for the fashionable only! Anyone who doesn’t like them knows nothing about fashion. And you don’t have to be a stick figure model to where them. When I wear mine, I rock and I get hundreds of complements from men and women.

  10. Lavernia Rae says:

    As a musician, I love to stand out on stage. I am on the prowl now for the shiny-est, wet-est looking pair that I can find! They are absolutely fabulous!

  11. That chick from underworld says:

    Wear them with a matching black long sleeve lame top and a corset and you can look just like the chick on Underworld.

  12. sh1n says:

    they’re amazing. cant wait to see them on my gf… it will blow my mind

  13. abba says:

    i ADORE them i am wearing mine right now… the only thing you have to look out for is not making them pants, people do it a lot and you must cover up but the look is so in

  14. nawarty says:

    deffenetly yes:D i love them and i`m in love with them for like a month…but…they don`t ship packeges to Romania:((

  15. vla says:

    yes i like see whomen in them . I love the whomen in them

  16. Guilty Pleasure says:

    Girls, you simply don’t get it. The exact point of leggings like these IS to make your butt look gigantic! Why do you think us guys turn around in the street anyway?
    Of course you should not mix lame leggings with a skirt. I know a lot of women do and it’s considered fashionable, but the match is awful. Don’t mistake your guardedness for fashion sense. Lame leggings are provocative by nature. Maybe not for everyone.

  17. tony says:

    i wear tight spandex all the time and i am a male in portland oregon my email is spandex93@YAHOO.COM NO CAPS ON EMAIL

  18. tony says:

    make your feet look big

  19. Angelo says:

    I bough a pair look like shinny latex and i love the feeling when i walk and the fit on me but do not knew if womans can accept an athletic man in the street with shinny leggings?
    Woman can say i am Gay 😦 or can say i am sexy ;)?
    Usually sexy woman they like to date trash rapper looking or professional with tie!

    tell me girls?

  20. tony says:

    i wear tight spandex and i am a guy

  21. tony says:

    sexy spandex are nice

  22. […] Patrick (see #3) and I dished about market fashions. Yes, someone pulled it together to wear gold lamé tights before […]

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