Hot Sneakers Need Gold Chain Laces

If you love a fresh pair of sneakers every once and a while, you would love a pair with gold chain laces right??? Upper Echelon Shoes makes a pair that I would love to get my hands on! The sneakers feature 18k gold olive branch chain laces designed by Gabriel Urist. They retail for about $500 and are for sale at several locations in the U.S.

Seen on celebrities such as P. Diddy, Lil Jon, Slick Rick, Grand Master Flash, and Mariah Carey.

All New York Retailers Include:

11 Stanton St
New York, NY, 10002
(212) 982 2996

Blue & Cream
60 on the Circle
Easthampton, NY 11937
(631) 329 1392

Blue & Cream Lola
8 Main Street
Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 252 3923

Denim Library
2326 Seventh Avenue btwn 136 and 137 St
New York, NY 10027
(212) 281 2380

Visit the official website for all U.S. retail locations, and more info UES SHOES


2 thoughts on “Hot Sneakers Need Gold Chain Laces

  1. Wow! these are serious bling sneakers although I guess you would need to be careful where you wear them given the fact that you could be relieved of your shoes for this price! Not surprised that they have celeb endorsement all that sparkles and all that….

  2. Mr. Kings says:

    Hello ,
    I am interested in buying some items from your store, I will like to if you can ship to the UK with express delivery courier company like DHL ?
    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Mr. Kings

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