What’s Thats Shirt Rob Dyrdek Wears With The Guns?

Wherever I am, whether in suburbia at a local university frat party, a Mexican restaurant, or a night out in New York City every time I wear my Rogue Status t-shirt I get nothing but questions! I will say that I get the most comments and questions when I’m at home in Michigan.

“Omg I love your shirt thats so Rob and Big Style” –ewww stop

“Omg that shirt is so cool where is it from?Hot topic?” –ewww stop

“Omg thats the sweetest shirt ever! Are those guns? (then proceed to tell me the different names of the different guns on the shirt)” –ewww stopppp

I am sick of hearing these and many more memorable responses to my shirt….even though I do love a good reaction to my clothing…Rob Dyrdek (Pro Skateboarder) of the show ‘Rob & Big’ (which i do enjoy) has made this a must have T-shirt. So here is where its from and where you can get it!

The brand is called Rogue Status and it comes out of Venice, California.

Rogue Status

$40 for the mens ‘Gun Show’ T-shirt, $170 for the hooded zip-up. Visit the official Rogue Status website for their new online store, and stocklists. Rogue Status Myspace HERE

I have the black one with white guns and I love it. I have rarely seen a size small, I got a large, sometimes it’s fun to wear a big t-shirt 🙂

Available at several store in NYC, I got mine at: UNION NY- 172 Spring St.

UPDATE: Geeze some of the comments I get on this post are just mean, some people can’t read apparently… no where in this blog post does it say anything bad about Rob Dyrdek or Rogue Status… I happen to love both, I would gladly have Rob’s children and our babies would be very good looking, and Rogue Status is awesome… this happens to be the most popular post read on my blog with some 55,000 views… if half of those were sales on their website then hey I’ve done a good job 🙂 so be nice bitches!


16 thoughts on “What’s Thats Shirt Rob Dyrdek Wears With The Guns?

  1. Tess says:

    yea these are really
    cool i was suprised to hear they have a womens line

  2. madeline lekatsas says:

    i love the shirts u wear do u mind sending some ? thanks rob

  3. Dale says:

    Hey ya I love Those shirts too but I don’t live around Cali… Soo can you order them somewhere

  4. Oh noes! says:

    Rob Dyrdek is co-owner of Rogue Status…so you’re little “eww stop” is just ignorant.

  5. chris G. says:

    i like the shirts… not to plain but not too much crap… i plan on buyin a few myself…

  6. nycitygurl says:

    I was not referring to Rob Dyrdek as “eww” I’m a big fan, I was refering to the phrase “rob and big style” because the brand is more than just rob and big, im going to have to disagree with your ignorant analysis of me.

    ***For those asking where to purchase online the website is listed in the blog where there is an online store.

  7. leslie says:

    rob i am a huge fan of your fashion the one i really like that gun shirt you wear could you send me some of those gun shirts my adress is albia street 8454 downey california

  8. Omg I love your shirt thats so Rob and Big Style

  9. Lewk says:

    Just to dig up an old post – but wtf… Why do people address their comments to Rob? It’s not like Rob runs this blog. Speaking of ignorance…..

  10. clton callis says:

    please send me a blue shirt with black guns i am only 12 years old and love your show my adress is 1032 scarlet lane lawerenceburg kentucky 40342

  11. Linda says:

    I Love you’r show w/ Big. I always watch it when it’s on. Re-peat or not. My Favorite episode was the, cereal box one. Special Buddies. On Fantasy Factory, it wood have to be the one where you tortured Drama w/ His special friend, Timmy.( Test Dummy). Well I hope to see more of you’r crazyness & just plane old fun.

  12. skyler says:

    i have one of the shirs mine is red with the black guns…
    Dale.. you can get’em anywhere i got mine at ccs.com for like 20 bones its nice

  13. Ryan M. says:

    Just so you know: the reason it’s Rob and Big style is because Travis Barker and Rob Dyrdek have a joint venture called, you guessed it, Rogue Status.

  14. Buddha The Pig says:

    I am confused. I have been searching for Rob too people, my blog posts lately have been about this quest. Why are you addressing him? Does he secretly run this operation under a New York chick’s name? Maybe he would do that. If not, or if so, Miss New Yorker, hit a girl up on http://www.buddhathepig.wordpresss.com

  15. Katie says:

    I got this shirt at Pac Sun (also available at Tilly’s) and they both carried different colors and different sizes (including smalls, which is what I needed to get) for under $30

  16. Boner Billy says:

    Sure like what I see. Great ideas and out of the box thinking. T-shirts are like songs. Just when you think t-shirts have peaked a great crazy over the top, fun t-shirt comes out. Keep them coming and remember Tee shirt growings, when a link out sites we bring more buyers to our sites and shoot us up the search engine mountain!

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