Nows The Time To Shop S-A-L-E

Now is a great time to find deals! Amazing deals at that! We all love these four great letters… S-A-L-E! Whether it be at department stores, your favorite chain, or online, there are lots of great deals going on right now. This past weekend I went searching through racks at Macy’s and got a James Perse tunic originally $104 for $14.00! I got a Theory halter dress originally $150 for $30.00! Another James Perse dress originally $185 for around $60.00! And a French Connection Tunic originally $150 for around $50.00! Thats 4 great items from 4 great brands for under $160! I practically couldn’t breathe I was so excited.

Here are some of my suggestions for SALE hunting!

–I’m not one to wear an item that’s noticeably out of season so it’s very important when hunting through sale racks that you find neutral pieces than can be transferable from year to year and season to season.

–Stick with neutral tones like black, gray, bone, and brown tones. Some other colors are acceptable depending on the years color palettes. (This year I was shopping sale racks for purples and golder yellow tones –no pale yellow going into winter)

–If its a summer silhouette try pairing it with a great fall jacket and you are ready for cooler weather.

–Look at fabric contents…feel the textiles, make sure the stitching looks correct (no loose threads). Look for rips, stains, and missing buttons. Sometimes there is a reason for specific things to be on sale, (not just the season change) and if there is one you want to find it.

–Sizing can be limited but hunt, hunt, hunt, and when all else fails ask a sales associate to check the computer! If it’s a great find go to all measures to get it!

–Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit and assume this time next year it will. It wont! You will never end up wearing it…just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you HAVE to buy it. (I know that is one of MY biggest problems.

–When buying shoes on sale, try to find a pair thats classic and or traditional. A silhouette that will also be transferable through seasons. (Once again don’t buy a shoe just because it’s on mega sale, if you wont wear it, it’s not worth it! Think realistically!)

Here are some great sale items I found on

This is a LaRok hippie tunic, Original Price $188, now for $56.40. This follows all the rules. It’s black so it’s transferable through all season. It’s long sleeve so it will definitely go into fall and winter great!

This is a C&C California, Original Price: $88…50% off now for $44. This is the mudslide color which is the only one I would suggest. The other two were light purple and light pink which are very spring summer and not good in fall and winter. This color is great for all year round. Pair it with some full length leggings…and a cute jacket and some boots…and your ready for cold weather!

These black flats are great…maybe not ideal for snow….but still you can never go wrong with a half off black flat. Maloles Georges Ballet Flat, originally $25, 50% off at $126.00. (Another thing about sales is they might go down even more…so why not watch and see! We all love a good 70% off!, unfortunately your size might be gone by then. Are you a gambler?? )

Also check for some great accessories on sale.

Please comment any great online sales you have found! Or tips and tricks you use!


2 thoughts on “Nows The Time To Shop S-A-L-E

  1. zahra says:

    Im goin to be visiting new york on Sept 1
    Do you think im gonna get like super bottom of the barrel stuff because of the season change ?
    or do you think there will still be a good deal of stuff to buy up

  2. nycitygurl says:

    Thanks for the good question. Check out the response to yourr question on my latest post here:

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