I Love A Great T-shirt! -Your Eyes Lie-

I’m a sucker for a T-shirt that makes a statement. Something that makes people stare, laugh, make a comment, or ask a questions. The brand “Your Eyes Lie” does the trick! This is what you get when a bunch of artists come together and make t-shirts…. (All shirts for men and woman)

It’s a European company so most shirts run around 15 euros which is around $30.oo, the jewelry does as well…and its really cute!

Check out there site and do all your shopping on the company’s online store!



2 thoughts on “I Love A Great T-shirt! -Your Eyes Lie-

  1. dianabobar says:

    cute designs! Lindsay Lohan should wear the first one:))

  2. swee says:

    Hey I have got one for you and you dont even have to pay me the royalty. Since you are doing such a good job, am giving it to you for free. So here goes:

    “I can’t be SACKED” (For the front)
    “SLAVES have to be SOLD (for the back)

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