Loving This — Karta

I recently came across a brand that I hadn’t seen before called ‘Karta’. I don’t know if it’s just me, or its new or what. When I tried searching for information about it on the internet I got nowhere…except for some purchasing information, no official website. I first spotted the brand at Nordstrom they have the cutest dresses, tunics, jumpers, etc. with great beading and appliqué details. They’re great because it’s like clothing with the jewelry already on them! Here were some of my favorites off of Nordstrom.com.

Black Beaded Tunic Dress, also available in green. $216

Keep reading for more pics…


Vintage Dot Short Sleeve Shift Dress $385


Jewel Jumper $282


These were three of my favorites out of the limited selection Nordstrom had.


One thought on “Loving This — Karta

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