Loving This — Karta

I recently came across a brand that I hadn’t seen before called ‘Karta’. I don’t know if it’s just me, or its new or what. When I tried searching for information about it on the internet I got nowhere…except for some purchasing information, no official website. I first spotted the brand at Nordstrom they have the cutest dresses, tunics, jumpers, etc. with great beading and appliquĂ© details. They’re great because it’s like clothing with the jewelry already on them! Here were some of my favorites off of Nordstrom.com.

Black Beaded Tunic Dress, also available in green. $216

Keep reading for more pics…


Vintage Dot Short Sleeve Shift Dress $385


Jewel Jumper $282


These were three of my favorites out of the limited selection Nordstrom had.


One thought on “Loving This — Karta

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