Fall In Love With This Bebe Dress

So when I was flipping through this months Instyle with Gwen on the cover and I spotted a few things I loved. One being this Bebe dress below. Now all my life I never really thought much of Bebe I thought it was a cheaper brand that ran to small and tight for my taste. Lately (through Misha Barton, and Eva Longoria spokes ads) I’ve realized the brand is so much more than that, they actually have cute stuff! This rayon dress with all its beaded glory being my love of the day. We all know I love a sparkling statement…and this sure gives me one! I think it would be great for a night out in the city! It’s is also quite affortable at $150.



In visiting the website I found a lot of things that I loved, I’m in the proses of buying a dress for my birthday thats coming up…something to wear out in the city (with my tiara of course) when I celebrate, but I want it to be affortable. Look for my upcoming post on some options I’ve come up with, and help me decide!




One thought on “Fall In Love With This Bebe Dress

  1. Alexandra says:

    Very interesting blog about fashion! I definitely want to have you on m blog roll 🙂

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