Exact Knockoff — Marc Jacobs Look for Less

This is a Marc Jacobs shoe that I absolutely loved when it was in season (I believe it was Fall 06′ when he did this heel). Now it is available Yoox.com for $322 only in size 6…so go get it if your a size 6 lol. Anyways…


Here is the exact knockoff…tell me this isn’t spot on!



This is Jessica Simpson $90 on Amazon.com. Now Marc also did them in Gray which was the color that I was completely in love with.

This is the kinda thing that really confuses me…how come they make exact knock-offs like that! Yes I understand the cycle of designer being passed down and knocked off until eventually there is some knockoff of it in the clearance bin at Wal-mart but it just drives me crazy because thats like stealing art? How can Jessica Simpson or her ‘design team’ i guess just steal that design and call it their own? They just don’t poses the creative talent themselves??… and just say lets make that Marc Jacobs shoe and sell it for less… Wouldn’t she be embarrassed… Like why doesn’t Marc say “Ummm Jess you ripped off my shoe?” lol wouldn’t that be awkward… (Sorry I’m rambling…)

Anyway I’m a total hypocrite and totally shameless because I bought the Jessica rip off :/ in gray…and I love them…lol. I guess sometimes you do have break some rules.

The difference between a knock-off and a fake:

Knock-off: Jessica Simpson’s shoe was inspired by the Marc Jacobs shoe.

Fake: If the shoe said Marc Jacobs on it…but wasn’t made by Marc Jacobs then it would be a fake. Like everything is EXACTLY the same, same pattern, same material, same stitch, same buckle…You know like a Fake Louis Vuitton and such…

There is a big difference between Fake and Knock-off… My Rule: NEVER wear a fake…sometimes consider a knock-off. And there you have it.

P.S. If you don’t know Yoox.com its a great site for designer clothes for less. Yes it’s old season, but you can still find some hidden goodies. My advice: stick to basics that can appear to be classics, so no one can say your out of season. Also I think the shoes are the best finds.


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