Yes or No? Ugg Crochet Boots…

Update: I got a lot of e-mails about the Paisley Ugg boots which disappeared off the Ugg website, now they are back and ready for your purchase so go HERE.

So, the whole crochet boot look…or as some people call them, sweater boots. When I first saw them I was like ewww, just some stupid fad someone is trying to push and I figured they would be out in a season. I was cruising through Nordstrom the other day I was checking out the Ugg table and saw that they are now producing what they call the ‘Classic Crochet’ in tall or short. I thought it was interesting, that they are coming out with them now…when I already assumed they were out? For the record I stand by my initial reaction to sweater boots and I don’t really like them.


crochet ugg
Crochet Ugg


I have one pair of Uggs – the classic tall in sand, and my moms always like “Ohh lets get another pair of Uggs”, and I’m like “No they’re going to be out in like two days…” but, I’m curious as to what other people think about Uggs… The classic ones of course… Are they still in? And how much longer are they going to be in? Are they going to be a new classic thing thats going to be around forever! The classic Ugg for winter time? I mean they are really comfy and everything…but it seemed like such a fad…

I find these grey paisley Uggs below very cute, and I think that the khaki ones are really cute too… check them out at the site.

paisley ugg
Paisley Ugg


UGG Australia


15 thoughts on “Yes or No? Ugg Crochet Boots…

  1. It’s a no on the UGGS for us.

  2. Just to let everyone out there know, UGGS have absolutely no originality when it comes to shoes. As you may or may not know, the “CLASSIC CROCHET” (wow, how original!) UGG boot was first invented by an incredible woman named Diana FitzGerald, who is in fact, my mother. Have you ever heard of LIVS? Well if you have- you will know that they were invented way before UGGs decided to knit a couple crocheted boots and sell them for 100 bucks at Nordstrom’s. We were the first people with this idea, and did terrific with them until our dear friend UGGs decided to rip off our idea and plaster their overly pretentious logo on them. For the record, LIVS is the ORIGINAL crocheted boot! So, if you are thinking of buying the UGGs crocheted boot know that you are only helping huge businesses steal smaller businesses’ ideas and shamelessly call them their own. And if so, well then, shame on you!

  3. Kelsey says:

    How about you give us a website for LIVS shoes so we cant check it out…?

  4. nycitygurl says:

    For the website for LIVS original crochet boots as mentioned above…VISIT:

  5. Mae says:

    I love them! <33

  6. lindsay says:

    where can you find the grey ugg boots?
    the cute one, with a kind of flowers?

  7. nycitygurl says:

    im sorry the grey uggs are no longer available for purchase, they are old season.

  8. Melanie says:

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where you can buy the Liv boots in Australia please? Or any website that ships internationally? I checked out the website but couldn’t find a contact us section and the two websites listed don’t have them/don’t ship here! My daughter and I know would both love a pair!

    Thanks for your help in advance ….

  9. loans for says:

    wow 🙂
    its very point of view.
    Good post.
    realy gj

    thank you 😉

  10. Natasha says:

    So last year my mom got me a pair of ugg boots the chocolate classic tall. They were 150 and now this year i want the grey crochet uggs tall really bad and i heard they were 130 somewhere can someone give me a website where i can get it cheap
    thanks =]

  11. anna says:

    i really would like a pair of the grey paisley uggs.
    where can i get them??

  12. cheap uggs says:

    UGG boot was first invented by an incredible woman named Diana FitzGerald, who is in fact, my mother.

  13. Carolyn Lee says:

    I know this question is very old, however I have a website that exclusively sells all styles and colors of Livs Crochet Boots. You can see all of these wonderful styles and creations at

  14. angie lowe says:

    i just want to why in the world would you pay 100 dollars on a pair of shoes when you get the exact same shoes for like $20??? please someone explain this to me!!

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