Von Zipper Sunglasses R The Ishh!

If there is one thing that I cant get enough of…it would be sunglasses! Von Zipper has been a long time favorite brand of mine, both goggles and sunglasses. Kat Von D is now sponsored by them I guess you would say and she makes the glasses look goooood. The latest product that they’ve released is out-of-control hotness and there are several pairs that I would kill to get me hands on.

VZ1 These are the Dharma’s in red (they run for a cool $95). They have the gold detailing on the side in a gucci, louis esq manner, verry nicee. Now I have them in black from a few years ago, but they’re all scratched up anyway thought I loved them and i need another pair…or two. They’re big….so if your not a big sunglass girl than these aren’t for you. Anyway though, I also love them in white with the gold detailing (run about $85)….so fresh.


Keep reading to see the rest of my favorites…


While were talking fresh… take a look at these… ‘the Brooklyn’ yes I would rock them… red and black please… gorgeous! and I love the gold detailing! They run for around $150.



I love the uni-brow aviator look…lol if thats what I can call it there called ‘Stache’. These are $100 and are fab in red and black, maybe even white.



These are called ‘Zed’ and run around $110 I like the fact that its a metal rim, and the whole boxy look…very in.




These are the ‘rockford’ aviators and they come in all sorts of good colors. This one is called the Rasta Gradient and I think its pretty sweet. It’s also great in the white sandwich and in just plain black. Best part they run around $65 bones…not bad huh!



Last but not least I reallly dig the ‘Elmore’ its a ray-ban inspired type and unfortunately I could not find any online retailer of it so I couldn’t get a pic. But if you go check out the site, you can see it.



2 thoughts on “Von Zipper Sunglasses R The Ishh!

  1. bgraef says:

    These are all cool.

  2. Live Aviator says:

    Yeah im in love with them !

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