Heidi and Spencer Sing?

I caught Heidi Montag’s first single on perezhilton.com and thought it was going to be very interesting. Now, before I listened to it, I already wanted to hate it because Heidi and Spencer are lame, but it was actually a little okay? i think… Click Here to hear it. I only say okay because I liked the beat it sounds 80’s slash Justin Timberlake to me David Foster did a good job I guess.

My full opinion:
First of all, everyone’s like “yeah I like the beat but not her voice” well the beat is the exact beat of the 80’s song ‘Situation’ by Yazoo…. ??? I mean maybe some differences but um thats definitely the beat…go download it.

Second, I think Spencer sounds stupid and maybe its just because I’m imaging him rapping it but, it’s a no.

Third, I really don’t see myself or anyone I know dancing to this song at a club…

I guess I don’t like it I think shes ruining a totally great 80’s song that I used to be obsessed with…but in like 10 days it will probably be my new favorite song because I’m a girl like that….so yeah. What do youuuuu think?


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