The Hillz

Okay I am not a huge obsessed Hills fan but I do admit that I do watch it. I kind of wanted to see the first episode because the drama looked funny and frankly I guess I like drama…lol. So anyways I missed the premiere but I caught a re-run of it late last night. We all know MTV is fullll of re-runs. Is is just me or is watching the show getting painful. Every conversation between two individuals is just awkward and very painful to watch they like have blank stares on their faces and Lauren will be like “yeah so i hatee herr” and Whitney will be like “yeahhh like I knoww…” and I’m thinking okay where is this conversation going? and why does this sound totally scripted!

I did however enjoy the fight Lauren and Heidi had at the club 🙂 that was fun. It would have been cooler though if Lauren would have threw her drink at Heidi or something…just something to keep in mind for next time I guess. I mean come on…if someone threw a punch it would make it soooo much greater! Ewww… the whole graffiti in the living room thing was gross…if I were Heidi I would have killed Spencer he made it look like a trailer park bachelor pad! Wtf! Heidi better stand up for herself and get that shit re-painted quickly!

I look forward to the further drama in the season and have to admit that I will be watching it because I do love me some drama. I also cant wait to see Jason re-emerge. How long do you think Spencer and Heidi will actually stay together? (the whole popping the question thing Spencer did seemed all loving and caring…scripted…but loving and caring just the same)



I heard that Lauren and the girls didn’t even want Heidi at the same photo shoot as them so they had to take Heidi’s pics separate and photoshop her in.


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