What Are Your Beauty Secrets?

Something us girls can never get enough of is beauty secrets. Always looking for next thing that will make our eyelashes look longer or our lips look bigger. I’m always open to the next girls suggestion on what works because there are so many products out there that it would be absolutely impossible for us to try them all ourselves. Here are some of my favorites when covering the basics: eye, lash, and lip.

EYES – I think every girl should have a good liquid eyeliner. I usually start with a pencil outline and then liquid over top to make it pop. I admit liquid can be a bit intimidating but it makes so much of a difference and really makes the eyes pop! I myself am a wing fan so liquid eyeliner is exactly what you need to make the perfect lash wing. Some people prefer the paint brush style but this Chanel liquid liner is my fav! Very easy to use, just like any other eyeliner pen, comes on beautifully and bold! Be careful not the twist the end to much because you don’t want globs of liner to emerge, one twist is enough to create the perfect eye line. It does not fade away and is very easy to remove, what more could you want!

Chanel Eyeliner

ÉCRITURE DE CHANEL AUTOMATIC LIQUID EYELINER–Water-based eyeliner with a soft and supple felt tip point that delivers a precise line every time. Extreme comfort matches ease of application. $32

Dior Liner

DIOR EYELINER PENCIL– As seen on the cover of Lucky magazine (June 2007 issue). A must-have, all-in-one beauty tool. These rich pencils are dual-ended with a soft pencil at one end, and a foam tip at the other for blending. (i love blending 🙂 ) Inside the cap is a sharpener for application precision, allowing you to choose between a more natural look or a smoldering eye. $24

LASHES– What girl doesn’t want huge voluptuous lashes? And frankly I need them…my boyfriends eye lashes are longer than mine!!! I’ve gone through tons of different brands and some how I always go back to Dior! I try to stay away from waterproof mascara as much as possible because it really dries out your lashes and you end up losing more, I hate that!

Dior Show

DIORSHOW MASCARA– Named Best Overall Mascara in InStyle magazine’s “148 best beauty buys” (April 2007 issue, p460). Inspired by the backstage beauty secrets of top runway models. Lashes are intensified, thickened, curved to the nth degree—for an ultra-glamorous look. $23

LIPS– Now I do admit that my lips are very voluptuous and one of my personal best features. But hell…why not try to make them even a little bigger right, I mean it doesn’t hurt. I have tried a ton of different lip glosses that are supposed to make your lips ‘bigger’ but frankly I never notice the difference…i don’t know if thats just me or what! Lip Venom is just painful, and Lip Fusion is ..okayyy but it makes your lips feel numb. I have noticed that through everything Bonnebell Lip Smackers does the trick!

Lip SmackerLip Smacker2

BONNEBELL LIP SMACKERS- The original Fun-Flavored Lip Gloss softens and smooths lips with great tasting flavor, superior moisture and Lip Smackin’ shine. There’s a fun flavor for everyone! $1.60 (Quoted from lip smackers site)

My two favorite flavors are Strawberry and Pink Lemonade! Not only do they make you lips look shiny and not over glossified but I also think they make my lips look bigger and even give a little color! Now I dunno if thats just me, but hey for $1.60 you can give it a try. They also smell delicious and your boyfriend wont mind it either 😉

Information used in blog and purchasing at Neiman Marcus


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