KilleR Jeans—Ksubi

Ksubi (formerly known as Tsubi) is an Australian clothing label. They rarely advertise but are featured frequently in fashion editorials. The point is that their jeans are KiLLeR.

Ksubi Jeans


Low slung stovepipe baggy jeans in dry raw denim with diaganol seaming, ankle zip detail, contrast wheat stitch & unique Ksubi ++ logo & embroided markings. This was my favorite pair… and they cost a wopping $299 for this particular pair. They are kind of pricey for jeans but they look gorgeous.

Ksubi NYC 219C Mulberry Street NYC (ph) 2123344690, also sold at Barneys and many online retailers.

These are hott too: $229


Online Shopping at


4 thoughts on “KilleR Jeans—Ksubi

  1. inspireclothing says:

    Love the jeans. Nice post.

  2. bgraef says:

    Sorry……looks like stuff that a city work crew wears.

  3. RAM MOHAN DASS says:

    Sorry, it a very bad outfit.

  4. Nikhil says:


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